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Bandkanon 1C: The Nordic Doomsday Weapon

The Bandkanon 1 was an autoloading Swedish self-propelled artillery piece, developed in the late 1950’s on the basis of a previous experimental project. Soon, the menacing Bandkanon 1 will join the ranks of the Swedish ground forces tree in War Thunder, coming to the game as part of the next major update ‘Winged Lions’!

Briefly: A Swedish SPG based on a modified chassis of the famous Strv 103 and equipped with a powerful 155 mm howitzer with a mind-boggling rate of fire.

Bandkanon 1C, SPG, Sweden, Rank IV


  • Devastating 155 mm gun
  • A top of its class rate of fire
  • HE rounds, including variable time fuse
  • Low max speed
  • Limited aiming angles
  • Limited ammunition capacity

In the late 1950’s, Swedish engineers began work on a new self-propelled artillery unit, taking design choices proven from the previous Kranvagn experimental project and combining them with the modified chassis of the Strv 103A. The result of this undertaking was the Bandkanon 1, whose first prototype underwent testing in the early 1960’s.

By 1963, serial production of the vehicle began with an initial order of 26 vehicles. Upon entering service, the Bandkanon 1 managed to set a world record for fire rate thanks to its autoloading mechanism. In fact, when firing at maximum range, the vehicle was capable of emptying its whole magazine before the first round fired even impacted, thus setting a world record for fire rate.

The 26 Bandkanon 1s were commissioned into service with artillery divisions in Norrland and remained in service there up until 2003 before being retired from active service.


In War Thunder, the Bandkanon 1C will soon join the mid ranks of the Swedish ground forces tree arriving in the game as part of the next major update ‘Winged Lions’. Prominently featuring an autoloading 155mm howitzer as its primary (and only) weapon, the Bandkanon 1C can serve its opponents with a lethal dose of high explosive at a rate unwitnessed by tankers so far!

The 155mm autoloader-assisted howitzer is the centrepiece of attention of the Bandkanon 1C and not only due to its relative size to the vehicle itself! Although such large calibre weapons themselves are nothing new to War Thunder tankers, being coupled to an autoloading mechanism certainly is a first. Because of this unique arrangement, the Bandkanon 1C can fire its entire 14 round magazine in just 45 seconds - that’s one round fired roughly every 3.2 seconds! But beware, the Bandkanon 1C only has a single magazine of ammunition on board and replenishing it at a strategic point will take time while simultaneously exposing the vehicle to potential enemy fire.

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Coupling this incredibly high rate of fire with rather good ballistic properties and powerful high explosive rounds, makes the Bandkanon 1C very effective at destroying hostile vehicles, even more heavily armored ones. However, as the Bandkanon 1C can only fire HE rounds, including remote fuse ones, delivering their full devastating potential may be impeded by soft obstacles, reactive armor found on some vehicles at this rank as well as hits to non-vital components such as tracks. On the other hand, if tankers manage to score a hit around less armored parts of a tank, such as the roof of the hull or turret, then the explosive force of the HE round will likely outright blast the opponent into oblivion in a more than spectacular manner.

Fun Fact: Upon entering service, the Bandkanon 1 set a new world record for fire rate for vehicles of its type.

Despite its own destructive potential, the Bandkanon 1C itself can forcibly be decommissioned with relatively little effort on behalf of its opponents, thus joining the group of so-called ‘glass cannons’ in the game. Also, its relatively large size may catch the attention of hawk-eyed attacker pilots.

Limiting the Bandkanon’s capabilities is its mediocre mobility. Being powered by the same engine/turbine configuration found on the Strv 103C, the Bandkanon can only reach a top speed of about 30 km/h under ideal conditions, while its off-road mobility degrades further with increasingly inhospitable terrain. Due to its mobility, relatively light protection and overall size, the Bandkanon is more suited for the role of a second-line support vehicle than that of a spearheading brawler.

The Bandkanon 1C will await all tankers at rank IV of the Swedish ground forces tree in War Thunder following the release of the next major update ‘Winged Lions’. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news to be the first to catch a glimpse of more exciting new additions and features awaiting you in the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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