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Type 10: Making the good, better.

The long-awaited top-tier Japanese main battle tank arrives in War Thunder. Meet the Type 10!

Type 10, main battle tank, Japan. Rank VII


  • Automatic loader
  • Hydropneumatic suspension
  • High reverse speed
  • Exposure warning system

The major goals in creating a new Japanese MBT were to increase all the primary tactical and technical characteristics, compared to the previous Type 90 design, while reducing the cost of production and the weight of the tank. The first prototype was ready by 2006, and in 2010 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began serial production of the new Type 10 main battle tank. The engineers managed to create a vehicle that fully met the modern requirements for tanks of this class, while reducing its weight. In 2012, the Type 10 main battle tank began to enter military units in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces and currently continues to serve.


Japanese main battle tanks of the Type 90 series are deservedly loved by the players of top-tier tank battles in War Thunder. These are high-tech vehicles from the "western" school of tank building with remarkable characteristics. Japan's new Type 10 MBT does not create a revolution - it is a further development to the Type 90 concept, while the new tank is slightly better in almost everything than its predecessor. One of the main changes to the Type 10 is the automatic loader located in the rear of the tank, that allows it to keep the firerate similar to that of the Type 90. The new diesel engine is inferior in power to the Type 90 and is slightly inferior to it in maximum speed, but the reverse speed has doubled! The Type 10 also receives a new APFSDS round, that has the same name as the tank itself - Type 10. It complements the range of shells, already familiar with the JM12A1 HEATFS and the JM33 APFSDS rounds.

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All the best qualities of the Type 90 are retained in the Type 10. Like its predecessor, the Type 10 uses a hydropneumatic suspension that allows play from slopes. The functional fire control system with the gun stabilizer, a laser rangefinder, a gunner thermal imaging channel and an override in the fire control are preserved as well. As in the Type 90, the crew consists of three tankers: commander, gunner and driver. The new Japanese MBT also features a laser warning system that is extremely useful in top tier battles.

The new Japanese MBT Type 10 will arrive in War Thunder with the upcoming major update. Follow our devblogs and be the first to know about all the news!

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