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Flusi 1: The Gun Nut

Flusi 1 is a prototype German anti-aircraft vessel, originally ordered by the Luftwaffe as a means to cover landing troops during the planned Invasion of Great Britain. Arriving as part of the next major update, captains in War Thunder will have the chance to add this heavily armed experimental German AA boat to their coastal fleet lineup!

Briefly: An experimental German anti-aircraft boat, featuring a high number of automatic weapons as well as a powerful 88 mm FlaK cannon.

Flusi 1 (Krischan der Große), motor gun boat, Germany, rank IV


  • Powerful weapons arsenal
  • Average mobility
  • Very light protection

As part of the ongoing planning efforts for Operation Sea Lion - the German invasion of Great Britain - the Reich Air Ministry ordered the construction of a prototype anti-aircraft boat in 1940. Envisioned as a compact and simple vessel, the design was to provide cover for landing troops during the invasion as well as protect the coastal areas of the Netherlands and France from low flying aircraft. Hastily developed, the vessel was laid down in Autumn 1940 in Rotterdam, receiving the name “Flusi 1” and subsequently entering service in November 1942.

Soon after commissioning however, the drawbacks of its poorly thought out design became apparent. Namely, the vessel’s anti-air weapons weren’t fit for use in rough waters due to a lack of stabilization and its aircraft petrol engines were unable to moor at low speeds. As a result, the design was generally disliked and no mass-production order was issued, despite original plans for constructing around 100 units. 

Despite continuing service throughout the war, Flusi 1 never took part in any active combat operations. The vessel was later on sunk during an Allied air raid west of Amsterdam in February 1944, ending its brief service career.


In War Thunder, Flusi 1 will be a new motor gun boat awaiting seasoned captains at rank IV of the German coastal fleet tree in the next major update, coming soon to the game. Packing a serious arsenal of high-caliber and fully automatic weapons, Flusi 1 will soon become another force to be reckoned with in War Thunder naval battles!

Flusi 1 is equipped with a powerful weapons arsenal, originally intended for effective anti-air use, but due to its versatility will be no less effective when employed against surface targets. Namely, Flusi 1 comes fitted with a single 8.8cm FlaK 18, a 3.7cm FlaK 36 as well as two 2cm Flakvierling 38 quadruple turrets to round off the vessel’s arsenal. Thanks to its combination of both a high-caliber cannon as well as numerous smaller automatic weapons, Flusi 1 is capable of taking on a wide spectrum of enemies.

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Smaller craft should approach Flusi 1 carefully as the vessel’s numerous automatic cannons can make short work of any gun boat which dares come too close. This also applies to audacious pilots as the automatic guns are equally good at downing aircraft as they are at sinking boats! Therefore, unless pilots seek an untimely demise in a hail of cannon fire, it’s best to keep your distance or launch an attack run on Flusi 1 while the vessel is preoccupied with other threats.

Flusi 1 is powered by three BMW aircraft petrol engines, generating a total power output of 2,000 horsepower and driving three propeller shafts. As a result, the vessel can typically reach a top speed of around 19 kts (35 km/h), giving it a level of mobility comparable to that of other German vessels of the same type. However, as Flusi 1 doesn’t possess much in the way of protection and can’t evade enemy fire as easily as more nimble craft, aspiring captains of this vessel shouldn’t necessarily engage in close-quarter brawling and especially not without allied support.

Flusi 1 will soon arrive in the higher ranks of the German coastal fleet tree as part of the next major War Thunder update. Make sure to keep your binoculars focused to the news horizon in order to stay updated on all the exciting new additions and features awaiting you in the upcoming update. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting captains!

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