103 Year Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence

November the 11th is a very special day in the hearts of the Polish People. 103 years ago, after the end of the Great War, Poland regained its independence and re-appeared on European maps.

To celebrate this anniversary together, we have prepared a special decal!

Until 07:00 GMT on the 15th of November - play 3 battles in British vehicles of rank II or higher (in-game activity of 70% or higher) and get a unique “Striking eagle” decal.

  • You can complete the task in random battles, except “Assault” and “Enduring Confrontation”. 
  • You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> Independence Day of Poland.
  • You can find the decal in the Decals -> Special.

Decal created by Patrik "Wulfcro_" Monček

Striking eagle
"Striking eagle" decal

Temporarily in game for Golden Eagles: Lanovski's P-47M-1-RE Thunderbolt

Premium Lanovski's P-47M-1-RE  is available until the 15th of November (07:00 GMT) for Golden Eagles in the US aviation tree!

The king of the interceptors! Modification "М" provides one of the fastest Thunderbolts ever built, and you will feel it in battles. Choose any target - nobody  is able to hide or flee from you, since this aircraft keeps good control even at maximum speeds. The only thing you should avoid is a dogfight - The Thunderbolt is a pretty heavy bird to maneuver efficiently. Get back on the altitude, repeat your dive, and get your frag!

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