Italian National Unity and Armed Forces Day

On the 4th of November Italy celebrates Armed Forces Day also also known as National Unity Day.

Until 07:00 GMT on the 8th of November - play 3 battles in Italian vehicles of rank II or higher (in-game activity of 70% or higher) and get a unique “National Unity and Armed Forces Day Italia” decal.


  • You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> Italian National Unity.
  • You can find the decal in the Decals -> Italy.
“National Unity and Armed Forces Day Italia” decal

Temporarily in game for Golden Eagles: P40 "G.C. Leoncello" 

The premium P40 "G.C. Leoncello" will be available until the end of the event for Golden Eagles right in the game!

P40 "G.C. Leoncello" — The P40's best description in its place on the War Thunder battlefield is "average". Average armour, an average gun, and average mobility. For this reason, it can perform most roles of a typical medium tank in a flanking or support role, but should not be relied on to be a shield or a speedster. The P40 "Leoncello" was one of the first Italian ground vehicles implemented and was created by Nicola "Kolin0" Faggiani and Riccardo "BlueBeta" Lo Verso as part of the revenue share program.


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