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It’s fixed! №28

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section.



A large complex new feature transformed War Thunder battles, that didn't mean that we lost our attention on it even after the release. 

We have already added many fixes to it - removed objects that remained in the air, fixed bugs relating to the entrenchment of some vehicles as well as artifacts that appeared on certain platforms (including MacOS). We also worked on performance, improving it noticeably as a result and fixed some related client crashes. 

There are still more details on which we are working. At the moment we are still working on fixing the vibration of vehicles inside modified ground. We will keep you updated.

Added a protection map for consoles


In the “Ground Breaking” update, we added this new feature to the protection analysis - a “protection map” button. Although these mechanics sound similar, this new thing is pretty interesting. It builds on the armour of the vehicle that you are looking at, a map of vulnerable areas that can be hit by a selected shell type: it is no longer necessary to shoot manually at the entire vehicle to figure out which areas would be better to “hide” from the enemy. Highly convenient!

Today the “protection map” also appeared on the console version of War Thunder. Have fun exploring it!

Returned the belt choice for premium aircraft


Good news - this bug only appeared in test flights. The bad news is that it did occur. In test flight the weaponry belt selection didn’t work on premium aircraft in the reference modification.

Thanks to your bug reports we learned about this issue and quickly fixed it. have fun getting acquainted with the vehicles.

Fixed the display of textures


Something went wrong in this update. We fixed the textures of airfields, the decorations from the “bushes” section disappearing at some angles and the mesh screens on the vehicles. We also returned the missing textures of machine guns in turrets, the textures of some aircraft and missiles and even put back textures that were blocking the sight view in SB game mode. 

A bit of retrospective

Immediately after the release of the “Ground breaking” update we gathered the initial feedback from the community that included your complaints about the bugs that showed up. If you encountered any of these - it is already fixed. Once again - thank you for the feedback that you leave under the announcements of major updates on the website and in the special thread on the forum.

We fixed a bug where the air respawn point in combined realistic battles appeared 15 kilometers away from the battlefield. Now the remote respawn point only works in battles involving top ranked aircraft - BR of 7.7 and higher.

Returned small ground units to aircraft AB, such as light pillboxes, machine guns and cannons that suddenly disappeared.    

Restored the proper operation of the aircraft radar warning system (RWR) which might have failed to activate when, for example, your helicopter has been detected by enemy radar.

Promptly fixed the interface for helicopters - right in the first hour after the release of the major update and made many other important fixes so that nothing would prevent you from enjoying the “Ground breaking” update.

More improvements

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog - there are many interesting things.

Open the full changelog

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.


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