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Battle Pass vehicles: PT-76-57

A surprising return of the good old PT-76-57 with an automatic 57mm cannon and a mechanized ammo rack!

PT-76-57, light tank, USSR, rank IV, Premium


  • Automatic 57mm gun with mechanized ammo rack for 20 rounds
  • NVD
  • Improved engine
  • Light armoring
  • Amphibious

In the early 2000’s, the issue of increasing the combat effectiveness of the numerous, but outdated PT-76’s was proposed to be solved in a very non-trivial way. Engineers of the Nizhny Novgorod design bureau "Burevestnik" combined the 57mm automatic gun developed in the USSR at the end of the 70’s with a mechanized ammunition rack, combining this in a combat module for a specially created turret for light tanks of the PT-76 series. While considering possible ways to re-equip old amphibious tanks with a new weapon, the small-caliber automatic cannon, although it was inferior to other variants of larger calibers in terms of armor penetration, gained a lot in terms of the burst weight to time ratio, as well as in possible applications - from destroying armored vehicles (including a modern MBT when hit to the side) to fighting helicopters.

The AU-220 module itself, built on the basis of the Soviet S-60 anti-aircraft gun, has already been proposed for the fleet in the form of a remotely controlled shipborne mounting. For use on armored vehicles, the module was equipped with a modern fire control system with night vision devices and a laser rangefinder. The prototype PT-76 with a 57mm gun, remained at a stage as a working prototype, however, the AU-220M module continues to exist as a promising solution for the latest vehicles in the Russian army.


The PT-76-57 is one of the main prizes in the new Battle Pass season, launching in War Thunder in the coming days. This is a completely new role for the good old PT-76B, which, thanks to a new automatic cannon and an improved engine, turns from timid scout into arrogant raider. The new role, of course, is based on its cannon - an automatic AU-220 57mm gun, created around the S-60 gun, known to you from the ZSU-57-2 double-barreled SPAAG. The choice of shells is the same: HE shells for aviation, and capped chamber rounds with a penetration of up to 150mm for everything else. An interesting feature of the PT-76-57 is the mechanized ammo rack for 20 rounds that provides a fire rate of up to 120 rounds per minute! Needless to say, what can be done by 20 armor-piercing rounds of 57mm caliber, wrecking into the sides and rear of enemy tanks with a jackhammer rate of two rounds per second!

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But there is more goodness. The PT-76-57 is equipped with a modern fire control system that includes a very effective stabilizer, night vision devices for driver and gunner, and a laser rangefinder. The vehicle  is equipped with a torque converter transmission from the BMP-3, with a new 300hp diesel engine, which gives decent starting acceleration and a top speed of about 60km/h on a paved road. The ability to overcome water obstacles with pump-jets has been preserved from the PT-76B. As for the cons of the vehicle, they are quite obvious. Like all light tanks, there is no need to expect miracles in terms of armor protection and high survivability: the armor is bulletproof, and the bulky ammo rack is located exactly in the middle of the hull, closer to the bottom, and will surely explode from the first tank shell that hits in there.

We know for sure that the PT-76-57 will become the new favorite in medium and high-rank battles. And each of you can get this wonderful light tank - just complete the simple Battle Pass  tasks and the PT-76-57 will be yours! We will tell you about other prizes and rules of the new season very soon, stay tuned.


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