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New Locations: Vyborg Bay, Bourbon Island, and Aral Sea

The upcoming ‘Ground Breaking’ update brings three new locations for all types of War Thunder vehicles!

Aral Sea


The rapidly drying sea is both amazing and sad. The life of this small town on the shores of the Aral Sea was once linked with the sea, but now the desert sands have arrived. People left their homes. The seaport with cargo terminals, fish processing plants, bulk carriers and fishing vessels were abandoned and will never see a sea wave again. Here, on the sandy bottom of a dry sea and amongst the sand-covered ruins of a seaside city, War Thunder mixed battles will begin. 


The new location “Aral Sea” will be waiting for players with the release of the upcoming update “Ground Breaking”!

Bourbon island



Bourbon Island is a location for air AB mode inspired by Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. A characteristic feature of this large and flat shaped area is the gigantic pits of volcanic origin with a wide flat bottom - calderas. Inside the calderas and on the surrounding roads, attack aircraft and bombers will find enemy bases and vehicles, while fighters will tear each other apart in wide “circuses” of natural origin.

Vyborg Bay


This location for the War Thunder coastal fleet was created after the magnificent northern nature of the Vyborg Bay near Medyanskaya Bay. The main game part of the location is represented by a dense cluster of rocky islands covered with forest - so called skerries, between which, even a large artillery boat can be constrained, not to mention frigates. But in such a sea labyrinth you can perfectly steer fast, small boats, constantly getting from one shark frenzy to another. Larger ships will find their job along the perimeter of the skerry labyrinth, from where there is access to two of the three capture points.



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