US Navy Day

This terrifying force has been part of many key battles of World War II. The citizens of the United States are still proud of it. 

Today the US Navy celebrates their professional holliday!

Until October 18h (7:00 UTC), fight in 3 battles using US naval units (from Rank II, 70% activity) and get the Emblem of the United States Navy.

  • You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname -> Achievements -> US Navy Day.
  • You can find the “Emblem of the United States Navy” decal in the Decals -> US Navy section.
Декаль «Эмблема ВМС США»
Emblem of the United States Navy

USS Cowell (DD-547) for Golden Eagles

The premium US Destroyer will be available until the end of the event  for golden Eagles right in the game!

USS Cowell (DD-547) — USS Cowell (DD-547) was a ship of the Fletcher class, built for the American navy during the Second World War. Being extremely numerous in number, the Fletcher class served in all theatres of war and contributed vitally to the war effort. Cowell was commissioned in August of 1943 and served in the Pacific theatre, where she participated in numerous campaigns such as the Marinanas and Okinawa campaigns.

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