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VCC-80/30: Dardo’s elder brother

One of the prototypes created during development of the Italian Dardo IFV, featuring a 30mm quick firing Bushmaster II gun and a commander’s sight.

VCC-80/30, light tank, Italy, rank VII.


  • Effective rapid firing 30mm gun
  • Commander sight and modern control system

During the development of the Dardo IFV, several variants of chassis and turrets with different guns took part in the competition. The prototype VCC-80 with a HITFIST turret is slightly higher than Dardo, and designed to mount the American 30mm Bushmaster II cannon. Despite the more advanced fire control system and an additional electro-optical periscope for the commander, the military preferred a more compact version of the turret with a 25mm gun, the HITFIST turret later used for a prototype infantry fire support vehicle and escorting motorized columns with a 60mm gun.

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The VCC-80/30 is another variant of one of the best infantry fighting vehicles in War Thunder, the Italian Dardo. Despite the similarity of these machines, the VCC-80/30 - although it is only a prototype of the Dardo - surpasses its serial brother in some aspects. The main difference between the machines is the turret and the gun. The prototype has a HITFIST 30 turret, which houses a 30mm Bushmaster II cannon, which is more powerful than the first version already familiar to you from the Bradley, but with about the same rate of fire.

Just like the Dardo, it has ATGM launchers for the TOW-2, the tandem-warhead TOW-2A, and TOW-2B, that hit the enemy from above. The up-to-date fire control system includes sights with NVD (and thermal imaging for the gunner), it also includes a laser rangefinder, and an effective two-axis stabilizer. An additional periscope commander's sight is installed on the tower.

The combat use of the VCC-80/30 does not differ from the Dardo, it is an effective tank destroyer and reconnaissance vehicle, which can often be seen not only in ambush at the flanks, but even in the first echelon of the attack along with the main battle tanks. The new gun is very good at destroying light vehicles and helicopters, and the convenient sight allows effective ATGM launch even at very long distances.

The VCC-80/30 is a great alternative, or a partner  to Dardo in the high rank Italian armored vehicle setup. The new IFV will appear in our game with the release of the big update "Ground Breaking" very soon!

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