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ZLT-11: Rolling Punishment

An agile wheeled tank destroyer, the ZLT-11 with a rifled 105mm gun is a desired addition to the Chinese top-tier vehicle setup.

ZLT-11, light tank, China, rank VII.


  • Decent fire power
  • Amphibious


  • Weakly protected
  • Huge size

The ZLT-11 armoured combat vehicle is one of the vehicles, based on the modern Type 08 modular 8x8 wheeled chassis, currently in service with the People's Liberation Army of China. The vehicle replaced the six-wheeled PTL02, significantly surpassing it in terms of tactical and technical characteristics. The new wheelbase allows the vehicle to keep the high dynamics, while the ZLT-11 has enhanced protection from additional armour plates. Thanks to this, the vehicle is effectively protected from the fire of heavy machine guns, and even from light autocannons from the vehicle’s front.

The main armament of the ZLT-11 is a 105mm rifled cannon, created on the basis of the British L7 gun, that also has the ability to fire anti-tank guided missiles. The vehicle's fire control system includes a combined gunner's sight with a thermal imaging channel and a two-plane gun stabilizer. To overcome water obstacles, the machine is equipped with two propellers at the stern. In addition to the version for domestic use, an export version of the vehicle with a different composition of armament and equipment was also created on the basis of the ZLT-11. Export vehicles are mainly intended for deliveries to African countries.

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Modern Chinese modular 8x8 chassis is used for many vehicles of different purposes: from the command vehicles to self-propelled howitzers. The ZLT-11 is an infantry fire support vehicle and a direct successor to the PTL02. In War Thunder, the new Chinese top-tier light tank will also be a further development of PTL02, offering improved characteristics compared to its predecessor. Partially solved the main problem of PTL02 - ridiculously weak protection. The ZLT-11 can survive the hits of heavy machine guns and even aircraft cannons, however, a very high silhouette and overall low protection against any tank shells still remain inevitable attributes of modern wheeled tank destroyers.

And now for the good. The 105mm rifled gun, created on the basis of the good British L7, can not only fire regular rounds, including HEAT and APFSDS, but also launch ATGMs with a tandem warhead! The ZLT-11 is equipped with an up-to-date fire control system: the commander and gunner sights feature good magnification, a laser rangefinder, a non-illuminated NVD in the commander's cupola and a thermal imager in the gunner's sight. The drive performance characteristics of the ZLT-11 are pretty much identical to the PLT02, but unlike its predecessor the vehicle can swim with a pair of propellers installed at the stern.

The ZLT-11 is a long-awaited and very useful addition to China's top armoured vehicle setup. This vehicle will appear in the hangars of Chinese armoured vehicle fans in the next major update. Follow our development diaries to be the first to know all the news about the upcoming update!

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