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Tigre destroyer: Recruit Instructor

A pre-war Leone class destroyer equipped with multiple good guns and heavy AA artillery.

RN Tigre,destroyer, Italy, rank III. Premium.


  • Multiple main calibre guns
  • Premium bonuses


  • Low rate of AA gun fire
  • Lacks spare torpedoes

The Italian Leone-class destroyers were ordered to replace the more obsolete and worn out ships of the Regia Marina. Ansaldo shipbuilding company, that developed the design of the new ships, focussed at developing the concept of the previous class of ships of this type - the Carlo Mirabello scout cruisers - combining significant firepower with high speed performance. In the period of 1921-1922 three destroyers, out of five ships ordered, were built at the Italian shipyards and all three received the names of large felines: Leone, Tigre and Pantera. After 15 years of service in the native waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the feline flotilla was sent to serve at the Massawa naval base in the Red Sea, where the ships met the entry of Italy into World War II ... cut off from the main forces of the fleet.

By this time, the destroyers were already worn out from time and tropical climate. After several unsuccessful attacks on enemy convoys, the destroyers opted for a suicidal mission to the harbor of Suez, Leone wrecked herself on an unmarked rock and, as a result of the damage received, was flooded by the wakes of the two remaining destroyers. No less desperate was the second attack, the target of which was the port of Sudan - this time the ships being assaulted by fierce raids from British aircraft, were forced to retreat into neutral waters where the crews scuttled the doomed ships in shallow waters off the Arabian coast. The partially submerged ships were soon reconnoitered and finally destroyed by air strikes and artillery from the destroyer HMS Kingston.


In the next War Thunder major update, the destroyer Tigre will appear as a Premium rank III ship in the bluewater fleet. The destroyers of this series were built in the early 1920’s and during their service underwent three major modernization programs in order to better meet the requirements of the times and rapidly changing military doctrines. In our game, the Tigre will be introduced as the 1934 version after the second modernization, during which 40mm automatic anti-aircraft guns were added to the bridge, and 450mm torpedo tubes were replaced with 533mm.

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The main advantage of the Leone-class destroyers, already familiar to the captains of the Italian fleet, is their excellent main battery armament. The premium Tigre is armed with eight 120mm main battery guns in four twin-barrelled turrets, that fire a very dense salvo for ships of this class, allowing, upon a successful hit, the setting of fire or disable several modules of an enemy ship at once in the first shot. Anti-aircraft and auxiliary armament is represented by a pair of 76mm cannons on the hull sides and 40mm automatic guns on the bridge. Auxiliary artillery will be an excellent addition to the main calibre guns in case of close fire contacts with enemy ships, but they are not effective enough against enemy aircraft due to their poor location and low rate of fire.

A well-armed Tigre must rely on maneuvering and damaging enemy destroyers with its cannon armament. She cannot effectively defend herself against lighter aircraft, but still poses a degree of danger to heavy bombers. One of the main advantages of the new destroyer is her premium status, that will significantly speed up the research of bluewater  Italian ships at lower and middle ranks. Tigre will be added in the next big update of War Thunder - and she will be worth waiting for!

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