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"Export Order": Pansarbil m/40

The Pansarbil m/40 is a Swedish armored car, originally developed by the AB Landsverk company for the Danish Army. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will have the chance to add this unique vehicle to their Swedish ground forces collection by taking part in the upcoming crafting event!

Pansarbil m/40, light tank, Sweden, rank I, premium.


  • Excellent mobility
  • Reversed transmission


  • Light protection

In 1937, the Danish Army requested the development of an armored car from the Swedish AB Landsverk company. Developed under the name ‘Lynx’, three of the 18 units ordered were already shipped to Denmark before the outbreak of WWII. However, after the outbreak of hostilities, Sweden placed an export ban on all military equipment and the remaining Lynx armored cars remained in Sweden.

Subsequently, the Swedish military commissioned the remaining vehicles into its own service under the designation Pansarbil m/39 while already issuing an order for 30 more vehicles to be built. Part of this order was licensed out to Volvo, with these vehicles receiving the designation Pansarbil m/40. The vehicles remained in Swedish service until 1958 before being decommissioned and sold off to the Dominican Republic where the last units remained in service until the mid 1990’s.


The Pansarbil m/40 is one of the prizes awaiting participants of the upcoming crafting event, starting soon in War Thunder. Compact, extremely nimble and packing a rapid-firing 20mm autocannon, the Pansarbil m/40 is sure to quickly find itself new commanders among fans of lightly armored vehicles!

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Similar to other armored cars found in War Thunder ground forces, the Pansarbil m/40 is only lightly protected with its 12mm thick armor plating. However, its 135 hp engine and low weight on the other hand gives the vehicle an excellent top speed of 70 km/h which it can achieve both going forwards and in reverse! Rounding off its specifications is its primary weapon - the 20mm Pvlvkan m/40 cannon. The cannon, with its excellent rate of fire and ballistic properties, is a good complement to the vehicle’s other characteristics and will enable tankers to easily infiltrate enemy lines and wreak havoc from the flanks and rear!

Be sure to add the unique Pansarbil m/40 to your in-game collection by taking part in the upcoming crafting event. Good hunting tankers!

The War Thunder Team


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