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“Export Order”: F-5A (USA)

An export version of the Freedom Fighter in service with the United States Air Force will become one of the main prizes of the “Export Order” crafting event!

F-5A, jet fighter, USA, rank VII, event vehicle.


  • Brilliant maneuverability
  • Impressive arsenal
  • Flares/Chaff and RWR


  • Low climb rate

The F-5A is a cheaper and easier to build modification of the Northrop Corporation F-5 jet fighter, intended primarily for export to US allies in the NATO and SEATO alliances. It was distinguished from the more expensive versions by the absence of advanced navigation equipment and targeting systems, as well as a simplified power plant. Despite the fact that the vast majority of F-5A fighters were supplied abroad, the US Air Force used the jet fighter to a limited extent as a trainer aircraft for American and foreign pilots.


The F-5A in service with the US Air Force will become the top event jet fighter in the American aviation research tree as the main prize for the participants of the upcoming crafting event “Export Order”. Since the introduction of the F-5A into the ranks of Chinese aviation, the Freedom Fighter has established itself as difficult to learn, but very interesting to play. Both Chinese and American F-5A’s will be equipped with countermeasures - a flares/chaff mounting and a radar warning receiver.

The setup of guided air-to-air missiles has slightly changed - on the American version, instead of the export AIM-9P, the less maneuverable AIM-9E are available, as well as entry-level AIM-9B available out the box. Otherwise, the whole variety of Freedom Fighter armaments has been preserved - choose from more than two dozen options! The F-5A is a very good support fighter for aerial battles and a handy fighter-bomber for mixed combat. Yes, of course there are lots faster and better climbing machines, but there are not many such maneuverable ones at the top ranks. The F-5A easily drags greedy interceptors into dogfights at low altitudes - due to its low energy loss in a horizontal turn and its small size, the F-5A has excellent chances to defeat even much faster opponents, that lost their height.

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For mixed battles, the F-5A's low-altitude maneuverability comes in handy. A huge selection of bombs and rockets, as well as good old Bullpups make the F-5A a dangerous enemy for tanks. Here the main trouble for the F-5A will remain anti-aircraft guns and SAM vehicles, but flares will partially help to protect from the latter. The small size and very high survivability of the fighter will help you to return from the raid more than once, even under heavy fire and with serious damage!

Do you consider yourself a skilled pilot? Prove it in battle in the American F-5A! You can pick it up by taking part in the large assembly event “Export Order”, which we will announce in detail in the coming days.

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