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C13 T90: Senior Scout

The C13 is an IFV developed by OTO Melara with the aim of producing a replacement to the outdated M113 APC in service with Italian forces at the time. Soon, tankers in War Thunder will get the chance to command yet another excellent light vehicle arriving to the higher ranks of Italian ground forces tree as part of the next major update!

C13 T90, light tank, Italy, rank IV


  • Good mobility


  • Poor turret protection

Briefly: An experimental 1980s Italian IFV sporting good mobility and boasting great firepower thanks to its punchy 90 mm cannon.


In 1978, the OTO Melara company initiated a private venture to develop a new IFV design which would fill the gap between the widely used M113 APC in service with Italian forces at the time, the Dardo IFV which was still under development and the British FV510 Warrior. As the project’s development progressed, it was increasingly being promoted as the prospective successor to the dated M113.

In 1982, the first prototype of the vehicle was constructed, followed by two further prototypes in 1984. While undergoing testing, several differently armed versions of the vehicle were created in order to make the vehicle more versatile. Among these various armament options, a version with a 90 mm low-pressure gun was also tested.

However, outright succeeding the M113 proved increasingly challenging to OTO Melara as testing continued throughout the 1980s. Among the many reasons was the sheer widespread and cost-effective availability of the M113 worldwide, especially following the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s. Despite work on the vehicle continuing throughout the 1990s, no orders ended up being placed. As a result, OTO Melara cancelled further work on the vehicle and the project was made dormant altogether. In the end, only three prototypes of the C13 were ever constructed.


In War Thunder, the C13 T90 will be a new light tank arriving to rank IV of the Italian ground forces tree as part of the next major update “Direct hit”  coming to the game. Its devastating 90 mm cannon, impressive mobility yet rather light armor make the C13 T90 a typical representative of the IFV class of vehicles and thus a likely new favorite among seasoned Italian tankers. Let’s give the newcomer a closer look, shall we?

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The C13 T90 sports quite a formidable primary arsenal in the shape of the 90 mm Cockerill Mk.III cannon - a weapon already familiar to some Italian tankers who may have commanded the AUBL/74. Offering good handling characteristics and respectable ballistic properties with its HEAT and HESH ammunition choices, the C13 T90 can easily pose a serious threat even to the most heavily armored adversary at its rank!

Apart from packing a serious punch with its cannon, the C13 T90’s mobility is also nothing short of impressive. Being powered by a 360 horsepower diesel engine, the C13 T90 can reach a top speed of 70 km/h under ideal conditions. With such a high top speed and considering the C13 T90 is a tracked vehicle, its mobility is quite comparable to some of its wheeled counterparts in the Italian tree, especially when taking into account the C13 T90’s advantage in less hospitable terrain.

Being an IFV by design at the end of the day means that the C13 T90 doesn’t boast the best protection, however. Even though the vehicle does come outfitted with up to 50 mm of aluminium alloy armor at its strongest points at the front section of the vehicle, the C13 T90 is unlikely to stop anything more powerful than autocannon fire at a distance. As a result, aspiring commanders of this machine will be ill-advised to take the C13 T90 into frontline brawls. Instead, commanders will be better off taking advantage of the vehicle’s excellent mobility and scouting ability to outflank their opponents, launch surprise attacks from the enemy’s rear and keep their allies updated on hostile movements!

The C13 T90 is soon joining rank IV of the Italian ground forces tree as it comes to the game as part of the next major War Thunder update. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue unveiling what exciting new additions and features await you in the next update “Direct hit” coming very soon. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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