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Perfect interceptor JA37C Jaktviggen and Premium J35A Draken

JA37 - new Swedish jet fighter from the noble Viggen family. Perfect flight and combat abilities!

Pre-order - Draken Pack
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  • Saab J35A Draken (Rank 6 Sweden) - available after the next major update;
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  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Red Arrow" camouflage;
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SAAB JA37 Jaktviggen, jet fighter, Sweden, VII rank.


  • Very high max speed and climb rate
  • Outstanding maneuverability 
  • Advanced air-to-air missiles


  • Limited ground strike abilities


The requirements for a new aircraft with very high performance to replace the SAAB 35 Draken emerged in the early 1960s. In 1962, the design team of the SAAB company prepared a draft design of the SAAB 37 aircraft, built according to an exotic double delta wing. The project seemed interesting for military authorities , and SAAB received funding to fully develop a new fighter in four basic configurations. The last and most advanced version was the SAAB JA37 Jaktviggen fighter-interceptor, the development of which continued until the mid-1970s, which was associated with the improvement of the engine and the development of modern electronic equipment. The first flight of the experimental JA37 interceptor fighter took place in June 1974, and in 1979 the fighter began to be supplied for service. Until 1990, 149 JA37 Jaktviggen units were produced. The specific appearance made the aircraft of the J37 family a “calling card” of the Royal Swedish Air Force for a long time.


In the next big War Thunder update “Direct Hit”, SAAB JA37 Jaktviggen will become the new top tier Swedish fighter aircraft at rank VII, after J35D Draken. The flight qualities of the new fighter can really surprise - with a maximum speed of more than Mach 1,8 and a truly rocket-like rate of climb (about 200 meters per second), the JA37 is superbly controlled over the entire range of altitudes and speeds! The fighter's unusual airframe design, efficient flaps and air brakes allow her to make quick turns with very good roll speed. The maneuverability of the JA37 can be compared to the maneuverability of a good piston fighter - only at supersonic speeds!

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The JA37 version was developed to fulfill the tasks of a fighter-interceptor, so the main emphasis in the weapons list is placed on those for destroying air targets. There is a good rapid-firing 30-mm cannon on board, albeit with a small amount of ammunition. Among the guided weapons there are already familiar to Swedish pilots RB24 and RB24J air-to-air missiles with infrared seeker, as well as a completely new RB71 with radar guidance, a huge launch range and G-tolerance of about 30G. As for ground targets, Jaktviggen can take only m/70 rockets. Being very good at destroying tanks, these rockets however require an accurate hit.

To speed up the research of the new Swedish top-tier jet fighter, our store is opening a pre-order for the premium J35A Draken fighter. It significantly speeds up the research of any Swedish aircraft  - definitely an excellent choice forall  fans of Swedish aviation!

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