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New top-tier ZTZ99-III and pre-order for A-5C

A new version of the ZTZ99 with a welded turret and a pre-order for the A-5C attacker aircraft. Meet the Chinese top-tier setup!

Briefly: One of the more recent Chinese MBTs in service, featuring great firepower and mobility as well as sophisticated armour protection.

ZTZ99-III, main battle tank, China, rank VII.


  • Excellent firepower
  • Advanced protection
  • Low silhouette


  • Poor reverse speed
  • Limited gun elevation angles


Development of the ZTZ99 began in the mid 1980’s, with Chinese engineers starting work on a new advanced main battle tank to replace the existing vehicles in service at the time. After examining possible design proposals, the engineers decided to proceed with a design similar to that of the Soviet T-72 tank.

By 1991, the first prototype of the vehicle was constructed and demonstrated to high-ranking officials, followed by the construction of additional prototypes in the following year. In the early to mid 1990’s, the prototypes underwent testing and were continuously improved over time. In the late 1990’s, further pre-production prototypes were built and transferred to the army for final testing.

The ZTZ99 was first shown off to the public as part of the military parade commemorating the 50th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in October 1999. Soon after, the ZTZ99 was officially adopted for service with the PLA in late 2000.

Several years after its first introduction to service, the ZTZ99 received an upgrade package, allowing the vehicle to be fitted with additional FY-4 ERA, thus bolstering its protection significantly. Although initially intended to become China’s primary MBT, the high cost hindered large-scale production, resulting in only about 500 vehicles being manufactured. However, due to the tank’s advanced design and relatively small numbers, ZTZ99s are exclusively employed by China’s elite armoured units.


The ZTZ99-III is a version of the top-tier Chinese MBT with a welded turret, which will await players at rank VII of the Chinese ground forces tech tree with the release of the upcoming major update. Like its predecessors in the Chinese MBT branch, the ZTZ99-III is armed with a 125mm smoothbore cannon with ballistic characteristics and rate of fire comparable to those of the ZTZ96 tanks. Also, the ZTZ99-III is equipped with standard equipment for modern MBT - for example, a thermal imager, smoke grenade launchers and laser rangefinders.

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The ZTZ99-III is the second MBT in China's top ground vehicles setup, which will be the best choice in both Arcade and Realistic battles. Especially for enthusiasts of Chinese combat vehicles, our store is launching a pre-order for the Premium A-5C attacker aircraft, which will be a handy and very profitable addition to the top-tier armored vehicle setup in mixed battles, as well as a good choice for air battles in any game mode!

Nanchang A-5C

The Nanchang A-5C is an export modification of the Q-5B strike fighter, developed in the early 80’s for the Pakistani Air Force, which has also been supplied to Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sudan.

Pre-order - A-5C Pack
This pack includes
  • Strike aircraft A-5C (Rank 6, China)
  • 15 days of Premium Account
  • 2.000 Golden Eagles
  • Pre-order bonus: unique title "Piercing Arrow"
  • Pre-order bonus: unique decal "Nubian Archer"
  • Pre-order bonus: Sudan Air Force camo
Sudan Air Force camouflage (click to unfold)

This fighter is intensively used in combat to this day. Compared to the original, external suspension points for air-to-air guided missiles have been added to the aircraft. The A-5C is capable of a top speed of over 1.400 km/h, and armed with two 23mm cannons with eight external suspension mounts: four under the fuselage and four under the wings. The A-5C carries a variety of the suspended weapons: 14 Type 90-1 HEAT rockets, two Matra R550 Magic 1 or AIM-9P Sidewinder air-to-air missiles, as well as four 250 kg or four 500 lbs bombs.

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