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Summer marathon vehicles: Type 143 Bussard

A special event version of one of the best patrol boats in the game. Exclusively for participants in the War Thunder marathon!

Type 143 Bussard, Motor Torpedo Gun Boat, Germany, V rank. Event vehicle.


  • Marvelous 76mm automatic guns
  • Improved AAA capabilities
  • Radar


  • Torpedoes are launched rearward to the course of the boat
  • No spare torpedoes

In 1972, the AEG-Telefunken company received an order for the construction of 10 boats in the Albatros project (Type 143), developed by the shipbuilding company Lürssen. These boats were supposed to replace the outdated ships of Projects 141 and 142. The main calibre of the boats were the Italian automatic 76mm cannons manufactured by OTO Melara, in addition, there were two SEAL DM2A1 torpedoes on board. The last boat of the series was built in 1977, the lead ship, Albatros, like the rest of the boats, received “bird” names. The fourth boat of the series, Bussard (German for "buzzard") was in service with the German fleet until 2005, and in 2010 was sold to Ghana, where she was renamed to Yaa Asantewaa, in honor of the leader of the uprising and the nation’s heroine.


The Type 143 Bussard is one of the main prizes in the War Thunder summer marathon; she will become an event gun boat in the German tech tree at rank V. The Albatros patrol boat, already familiar to commanders, and a sister ship of the Bussard, is rightly considered as one of the best representatives of War Thunder's coastal fleet. The automatic 76mm OTO Melara Compact guns with powerful HE shells are ideal for destroying boats and even enemy destroyers, and shells with a radio fuse can be used against aircraft - for this, however, you have to distract from surface targets. The Bussard, unlike the Albatros, has machine-gun armament - a pair of high-calibre and a pair of rifle-calibre machine guns - that can automatically fire at low-flying targets. Of course, the power of the air defense machine-gun battery is unlikely to be enough to confidently destroy a bomber or heavy fighter, but you cannot call the Bussard easy prey for aviation either.

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Like the Albatros, the Bussard has two SEAL single-tube torpedo launchers. There are no spare torpedoes on board, in addition they have a very small amount of explosives, a rather low speed and a short travel distance. Their main drawback is that they launch rearward, against the boat's course - the tubes of the torpedo launchers face back, and to enter the combat course, the torpedoes have to turn around in the water. There is no chance of any quick launch to kill a destroyer that appears from behind an island. In a word, torpedo armament on Albatros class boats is more of a pleasant bonus than the main means for destroying opponents.

However, the Bussard is truly a great boat for War Thunder battles. Automatic cannons do their job efficiently - a high rate of fire coupled with a good speed and maneuverability in the boat, make it possible to destroy any light armored target at short and medium distances.

Take part in the War Thunder summer marathon and get a Bussard event torpedo gun boat! See you!

Summer Landing

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