“Fearless Voltigeur”: Warbonds

The Warbond shop is available during the entire “Fearless Voltigeur” season

The Warbond shop is available from rank III and is part of the Battle Pass. You purchase items with a special currency - Warbonds, which you can obtain by unlocking Battle Pass levels.

Open “Shop” → “Warbond shop” to see the assortment and we will show you some of the most interesting items.

Season 4 Vehicles


★ HMS Jervis (first time in Warbond shop)

★ Strv m/41 S-I (first time in Warbond shop)

★ Yak-3 (France)

★ P-47D-16 RE (Germany) (first time in Warbond shop)

★ M4 Hybrid (Italy)

★ Chi-Nu II

★ Grant I (USA) (first time in Warbond shop)

★ P-63A-5 (USSR)



"Dhahran Annie" pinup, No. 31 Squadron, RAF.  Decal

Decal created by Colin 'Fenris' Muir.

You can see the full assortiment in the warbond shop for the current season as well as the conditions for obtaining them directly in the game!

The War Thunder Team


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