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Russian Navy 325th Anniversary!
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This coming Sunday, the Russian Navy celebrates its main holiday, Navy Day.

This year marks the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy. This story began in 1696 with the decree “Let there be Ships”. Since that year, wooden sailing ships, large and small vessels of metal and wood, huge Ironclads have all been replaced with missile cruisers and nuclear powered submarines.

11:00 GMT on the 23rd of July until 07:00 GMT on the 26th of July

Participate in 3 battles while using Soviet vessels of rank II or above with an activity of 50% or higher to receive the special “Russian Navy 325th Anniversary” decal.



To follow the progress you need to click on your nickname → Achievements → Russian Navy Day.

“Russian Navy 325th Anniversary” decal
“Russian Navy 325th Anniversary” decal

33% discount on all premium ships in the Soviet research tree

  • G-5 (ShVAK)
  • Kerch
  • Zheleznyakov
  • MBK pr.186 (MK 85)
  • Rosomacha
  • Pr.123K (A-11)
  • Pr.1204

“325 years of the Russian Navy” tournament!

In honor of the anniversary of the Russian Navy you can take part in a tournament in destroyers in the format 2 vs 2 on the TSS.

Win a unique “Battle Siren” decal and “Sea Wolf” in-game title.

  • Start: Jul 27, 17:40 GMT
  • Realistic battles 2 vs 2
  • Up to 128 teams
  • Pr. 7U, Tashkent (leader) and Pr. 56 Spokoiny
  • Locations: Norway and Mediterranean Port
  • Prize Pool: 56,700 
  • Prize for the players from 1st to 8th place inclusive: The “Battle Siren” decal and “Sea Wolf” in-game title
“Battle Siren” decal
“Battle Siren” decal


How do you participate in TSS tournaments?


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