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Canada Day!

Each year, Canadians celebrate the anniversary of their nation becoming an independent confederation of the United Kingdom after the three separate British colonies of ‘Canada’, ‘Nova Scotia’, and ‘New Brunswick’ united to form a single dominion on 1 July 1867.

Often referred to as “Canada’s birthday”, and generally celebrated on the 1st of July (except when it would fall on a Sunday, in which case, it is observed on the 2nd of July) Canada Day marks an important milestone for the country on its way to full independence. While it, at that stage, remained a British colony, the subsequent increased level of political and governmental control allowed it to gain increasing independence in the following years, continuing up until it became completely independent in 1982.

Canada Day is celebrated across the country with various activities, including outdoor parades, carnivals, gatherings, festivals shows, concerts and fireworks. Now, it is time to participate in those celebrations in War Thunder!

From 12:00 GMT on the 1st of July until 07:00 GMT on the 3rd of July

Participate in 3 battles with an activity level of 60% or higher while using US and British vehicles of rank II and above and receive the unique “Canada Day” decal!


  • This task can be completed in random battles, except the “Enduring Confrontation” and [Assault] game modes.
  • To follow your progress, click on “Your nickname”  → Achievements → Canada Day.
“Canada Day” decal
“Canada Day” decal

The War Thunder Team

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