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New authentic decals

A new set of rare decals for rarity hunters is here!

Until July 7th, earn in battle or purchase rare decals for all War Thunder gaming nations!

"Black Chimera" emblem of SPA 65 Squadron, FAF  

Defeat 15 players (8 for RB and SB) with air-to-air missiles while controlling French aircraft, or purchase for 200 GE.

"How'm I Doin'” pinup, 319th BS, 90th BG, USAF

Purchase for 200 GE

 "Panther" emblem of the PLA

Score 1st place in 15 battles while controlling Chinese ground vehicles.

  Emblem of the 2nd Battalion of Norwegian Armed Forces

Score 2,000 points in 20 battles, while controlling ground vehicles

You can find these decals in the “Weeks latest” section in the customization tab, after which they will be available to their owners in the thematic sections of vehicle customization.

Some of the decals are created by Colin 'Fenris' Muir, Jej 'CharlieFoxtrot' Ortiz, Ricardo "BlueBeta" Lo Verso and Branislav 'InkaL' Mirkov.

  • Tasks can be completed in vehicles of rank II-VII.
  • The requirements for the decals may be checked in the “Weeks latest” section in vehicle customization or in the Achievements → Decals → Weeks latest.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles and events, except “Enduring Confrontation” and “Assault” missions.
  • Decals received earlier have been temporarily moved to the section “Weeks latest” and will be moved later to the thematic sections.

Previous decals - have been moved to their respective sections:

  • Emblem of the Värmland infantry Regiment Swedish Army → Sweden (tanks).
  • Emblem of 304th Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF) → Japan.
  • Devil's Head" nose art, II./ZG 76 Squadron Luftwaffe → Germany.
  • "Dragon Knight" emblem, 45 Years of Draken Commemoration Decal, Austrian Air Force → Neutral countries.
  • “Heart and Arrow" emblem of 9th GvIAP commander Alexey Alelyukhin  → USSR.
  • Emblem of the 12th Group, 36th stormo CI, Italian Air Force → Italy.
  • Emblem of the 1st Cavalry Regiment, USA → USA (tanks).
  • Emblem of the 255th Indian Tank Brigade, Great Britain → Britain (tanks).
  • Emblem of 2nd Infantry Division Reconnaissance Group, France → France (tanks).
Insignia of the 3rd S-Boote flotilla of Kriegsmarine, (S33)

Defeat 20 players with torpedoes, while controlling German naval forces, or purchase for 200 GE.

Emblem of 100th Bomber Squadron

Inflict 30 tons of TNT damage to enemy bases, while controlling British aircraft, or purchase for 200 GE.

Emblem of the "Savoia Cavalleria" regiment, Italy

Get the “Reconnaissance” reward 30 times, while controlling Italian ground vehicles, or purchase for 200 GE.

Badge of the 133rd Tank Battalion of the Russian Federation

Defeat 60 players (30 in RB and SB) while controlling Soviet ground vehicles, or purchase for 200 GE.

Emblem of 4th tank battalion of 4th division, Japan

Defeat 40 players (20 in RB and SB) while controlling Japanese ground vehicles, or purchase for  200 GE.

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