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Location: Red Desert

New location for mixed battles amongst the sandstone cliffs of the great Sahara desert.

In the upcoming Red Skies update we are presenting a new location for War Thunder mixed battles that we are calling "Red Desert". This is a sandstone plateau surrounded by the dunes of a great desert. A small river sources here to quickly dry up under the hot African sun. The life-giving moisture, however, is sufficient for several palm groves and majestic acacias. A small village is located  In the centre of the oasis- a couple of dozen houses and a mosque.


This location was inspired from the views of North and Central Africa, and especially the Ennedi Plateau in Chad, formed from sandstone cliffs in the Sahara desert.


The “Red Desert” location will appear in the game with the release of the major update Red Skies very soon!


The War Thunder Team

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