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Battle Pass vehicles: 38.M Toldi IIA

The 38.M Toldi IIA light tank is a representative of European war-time tanks. Hungarian vehicles are rare guests in War Thunder!

38.M Toldi IIA, Light Tank, Italy, I rank. Premium vehicle.


After defeat in World War I, Hungary, like Germany, was prohibited from having its own army and armoured vehicles. However, like Germany, this ban didn’t hold Hungary back for long. After purchasing small batches of Italian and German tanks, the Hungarian government announced its intention to select a foreign tank design to be deployed at domestic facilities. As a result of tests, preference was given to the Swedish light tank Landsverk L-60, which later entered service with Sweden under the designation Strv m/38. The tank was adapted to the types of guns and sights available to Hungary, the turret was slightly modified and launched into series under the name 38.M Toldi. The first series of Hungarian light tanks, built before April 1940, actively participated in combat - including heavy battles on the Eastern Front, where it showed itself completely indefensible against Soviet medium and heavy armoured vehicles. After two modernizations, the protection on the gun mantlet and the frontal projection of the hull was strengthened, and the 40mm cannon became the main weapon. Now the tank was completely produced from Hungarian components, but with the increased protection and increased calibre, the weight of the vehicle also increased, which subsequently affected its movement performance. Despite all efforts, the upgraded 38.M Toldi II and IIA tanks could no longer compete with the Soviet tanks of the second half of the war. Almost all tanks in the series were lost in battles or by technical failures, the last Toldi were destroyed in the battles for Budapest. The only surviving 38.M Toldi IIA tank is currently on display in the Patriot park near Kubinka, Moscow region.


An exotic addition for War Thunder representative of Hungarian armoured vehicles, the 38.M Toldi IIA light tank will be one of the prizes in the upcoming new Battle Pass season.

Fun fact: The 38.M Toldi IIA light tank is named after the Hungarian national hero, the medieval knight Miklos Toldi.

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This is a good entry-level tank that differs from its Swedish predecessor with a different power plant, a larger calibre cannon and enhanced protection in the front projection. The tank very effectively destroys opponents of rank I and even rank II. The Hungarian is heavier than Stridsvagn m / 38, so it is inferior in mobility and maximum speed, but only slightly. The huge advantage of the 38.M Toldi IIA lies in its premium status, which makes it the low-tier favourite in the Italian research tree and the best choice for quick research of the early Italian armoured vehicles.

The premium low-tier monster will come in handy in the initial setup of Italian armoured vehicles!

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