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Battle Pass vehicles: Voroshilov light cruiser

A legend of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, the ship that entered the battle during the very first days of the German invasion - Voroshilov light cruiser!

Voroshilov, Light Cruiser, USSR,  IV rank. Event vehicle.


The light cruiser Voroshilov is one of the cruisers of the Project 26 (Kirov class), was laid down in 1935, launched in 1937, and in 1940 joined the Soviet Black Sea Fleet as flagship. Like other cruisers from the project, it was a deep modernization of the Italian cruiser Eugenio di Savoia, with significantly better firepower and hull strength. Voroshilov saw combat literally in the first days of the Nazi invasion of the USSR, assisting the attack on the oil silos of the Constanta, Romania in June 1941. Later that year she shelled the accumulations of German military vehicles and personnel in the Perekop region. During WWII, Voroshilov took an active part in combat throughout the Black Sea, and was several times damaged by shelling and enemy aircraft. For her courage, the cruiser was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. After the war, Voroshilov continued to serve in the Black Sea Fleet of the Soviet Navy, going through several stages of modernization. The cruiser was decommissioned in 1973 and later scrapped for metal.


In our game, the Voroshilov light cruiser will become a reward for participants of the new season of War Thunder Battle Pass. The new ship is in many ways similar to the lead ship of the series - the cruiser Kirov, which is already quite familiar to commanders of War Thunder's bluewater fleet. The main guns of the cruiser are 9 180mm guns in three turrets. In addition to HE and AP shells, commanders will be able to research semi-armour-piercing shells that are very useful for effectively fighting other light cruisers, as well as shells with a remote fuse. The main battery guns are supplemented by 6 100mm universal guns, that won’t leave the cruiser defenseless while the main battery reloads.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the Voroshilov are pretty much the same as those of the lead ship: a powerful 180mm main calibre with a good choice of shells, but rather slow reloading, fairly good speed, torpedo launchers and light protection. The main difference in Voroshilov is a more numerous and quicker firing AA battery of small-calibre guns: 13 37mm autocannons, supplemented by 12 heavy machine guns in quadruple and single-barreled mountings. Cruisers in this series are highly vulnerable to aircraft attacks, so such an increase in air defense truly comes in handy.

The new light cruiser Voroshilov is a good addition to the bluewater fleet of the Soviet Navy. For some, it will become a reinforcement for any already researched cruiser setup, and for others - the first large ship and a pass into battle with sea giants.

Voroshilov is one of the prizes of the upcoming season of the Battle Pass in War Thunder; and like other event vehicles, it will become yours by completing simple in-game tasks. Follow our news and wait for an announcement about the new season with the details. See you soon!

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