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Battle Pass vehicles: M6A2E1

One of the last mastodons from the heavy armour era, the experimental M6A2E1 tank is truly heavy and truly American!

M6A2E1, Heavy Tank, USA, IV rank. Premium.


In the midst of World War II at the American Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW) began production of an experimental series of heavy tanks, which were supposed to form the image of the new American "heavies" both for the US Army service, and for lend-lease to the Allies. The initial design for all three versions was the M6 ​​heavy tank, on the basis of which they tested new hull features, improved transmission, better armour protection and increased firepower. In August 1944, the factory received a recommendation to modernize the most promising of their experimental projects - T1E1 heavy tank, which was to be assigned the M6A2 index.

The modernization involved the installation of additional armour plates on the frontal part of the hull, as well as the installation of a new turret to accommodate a new 105mm cannon. The first two M6A2E1 units from the experimental series were sent to field tests, where they showed low dynamic qualities. Even an incompletely loaded tank ((63,5 tons out of the designed 69,8)) could not overcome a 24 degree slope and literally got stuck in the ground. The second unit, intended for firing tests, revealed the need for radical improvements in the turret and gun, which were later implemented for the T29 heavy tank. As a result, by December of 1944, all three BLW designed experimental versions of the tank based on the M6 were declared obsolete. Both M6A2E1 prototypes were scrapped, with the only surviving T1E1 currently on display at the US Army Ordnance Museum in Aberdeen.


War Thunder hasn't had new heavy tanks for a long time. Meet the premium American M6A2E1, a true old school armoured giant and one of the heaviest tanks in the US lineup. The chassis of the tank is a modified and reinforced T1E1 heavy tank. The machine gun and the driver’s hatch on the frontal part of the hull are welded,with an additional armour plate appearing instead. The turret of the tank is distinguished by its strong forepart, especially the mantlet. The 105mm T5E1 gun with good elevation angles is also familiar to experienced War Thunder tankers from the T28 and T95 self-propelled guns. The choice of shells is quite traditional for late-war tanks: a chamber round, a high-explosive fragmentation and armour-piercing shell with armour penetration of about 290 mm.

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The huge mass of 69,8 tons affects the speed of the M6A2E1 - the tank is slow, especially in mud, soil and ramps. Due to its large size, the tank is also highly noticeable, so it will not be easy to hide it. On the other hand, unlike other late American heavy tanks, the M6A2E1 is harder to penetrate from the whole frontal projection. Only the cannon and the sides of the hull are the vulnerable spots on the M6A2E1 when firing head-on - the latter sides, however, are located at a specific angle, so you can hope for ricochets.

The M6A2E1 premium heavy tank is one of the main prizes in the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass and will be yours by completing the ingame tasks. This tank will not only bring a lot of fun while playing on the American ‘Maus’, but will also be an excellent tool for exploring top US tanks due to its premium status!

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