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It’s fixed! №2

We continue our column with more details about released improvements and fixes. We are glad you enjoyed the first digest.

This time we have gathered a particularly large collection of important improvements and fixes. Be sure to to check out all of them in the updates section on the web page.

Displaying of ground vehicles with aviation

It was possible that ground vehicles might be visually displayed under the surface in aircraft battles at a distance of over 1 kilometer. 

In fact the vehicles were not below the surface, the issue was in the display of landscape at great distance. Optimization took place to save the resources on your PC and because of that the ground with reduced detalization might overlap the tank model. 

We have improved the display of vehicles in all locations from a bird’s eye view. Thank you for your reports on the forum!

Viewing angle of the sights

This fix will be of interest to many tankers! In addition to sight magnification (zoom) the gunner's sights also have the view angle limitation in the game which looks like a black vignette (black screen outside the sight). We have corrected the incorrect size and increased the view angle through the sight for many vehicles at rank V-VII (more than 80 vehicles in total). Let’s list some of them: AMX-30B2 BRENUS, AMX-30B2, AMX-10RC, Roland 1, FlaRakPz 1, M247, ADATS, Type 93, CV 90105 TML, OTOMATIC, AMX-40, AMX-32, Leopard A1A1, Leopard I, Leopard A1A1 (L/44), VT1-2, Type 74, Type 74G, Type 16, OF-40, OF-40 Mk.2A, OF-40 (MTCA), M48A2 G A2, M48 Super, RakJPz 2, Maus, E-100, Chieftain Mk 10, Radkampfwagen 90, Rooikat Mk.1D, Rooikat 105, Centauro, Centauro ROMOR, Centauro MGS, Sho't Kal Dalet, Strv 104, KPz-70, MBT-70, Object 906, ZTZ59D1, SIDAM 25, SIDAM 25 (Mistral), Ariete, Ariete (P), Ariete PSO. Take a ‘wider’ look at the world.

Ultra-Low by mistake

Sometimes it was the case that the memory capacity of previous generation GPU’s wasn’t detected correctly, so the game was forced to run with a compatibility with older GPUs mode (ULQ).

We hasten to return you all to the beauty of the War Thunder world. The bug has been fixed!

Phantom aircraft canopy

SB players told us about a very tricky problem. If you start to close the canopy during flight at high speed and it breaks off at that moment, the closing sound would still be played and the wind noise would become quite like you did not break the equipment.

By the way this effect didn’t affect the vehicle’s flight characteristics when the canopy was opened, but we fixed it anyway.  Glory to the SB pilots, thanks to which we have caught this bug!

Missing grass

It’s simple here. After the flight in an aircraft in ground AB it might have been the case that the distance at which the grass was displayed around your ground vehicle was reduced. We have returned the grass to its rightful place.

Sliding sight

This didn’t happen in battle! The gunner’s sight in SB replays shifted to the side when looking from a first person view. 

We have fixed it and double-checked. Now everything is ok, you can continue to watch other people’s battles and get jealous. You can do this by way of the special page.

Correct repair on the airfield

The description of this issue sounded like this: “repair of the damaged aircraft has been interrupted if you go to 50% of engine power or higher”. sounds logical and makes sense actually. What aircraft mechanic in his right mind would walk up to an aircraft that is ready to take off?

But War Thunder’s aircraft mechanics will be the most fearless now and will help any amateurs that are twitching the controls and pressing buttons even in such a situation.

From A to Z

In this digest we have listed just a few bug fixes that concerned a significant number of our players. In addition to these, we have done a lot of work on many weaponry and vehicle characteristics - for example we have clarified the numbers for some cannons and machine guns as well as on game mechanics and sounds. You can see the results of our work by reading the full changelog.

Open the full changelog

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The War Thunder Team

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