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Сrafting event: XM8 AGS

The XM8 AGS was an experimental American light tank, developed by the FMC company in the early 1990’s in an effort to replace the Army’s outdated M551 Sheridan tanks. Now the XM8 AGS awaits all players in War Thunder as a top prize for tankers participating in the upcoming crafting event!

XM8 AGS, light tank, USA, VI rank


  • Two protection options
  • Nice gun
  • Good overall mobility


  • Vulnerable against kinetic rounds

Development of the XM8 AGS began in June 1992 after the FMC company was awarded a contract to develop a new light tank to replace the dated M551 Sheridans in service with the US Army since the late ‘60s. In addition to keeping the vehicle lightweight, FMC also used available parts from other vehicles in service at the time, such as the Bradley and Abrams in order to reduce costs and simplify logistics.

By May 1994, the Army received six prototypes, all of which were extensively tested until 1997. That year, with plans for production already being made and the vehicle receiving its standard designation, funding for the XM8 was diverted to other projects, such as the promising M1128 Stryker. This ultimately resulted in the cancellation of serial production. Work on the XM8 continued however, with further developed versions being subsequently offered on the export market, albeit unsuccessfully.


The XM8 AGS is a high rank American experimental light tank and also one of the top prizes awaiting players in the next crafting event coming soon to War Thunder. Like many other light tanks, the XM8 AGS sets emphasis on mobility and firepower. These two aspects are represented on the vehicle on one hand by the 105 mm XM35 rifled cannon, and on the other, by the 550 horsepower diesel engine, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of up to 44.7 mph (72 km/h).

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The XM8 AGS also comes with the choice of two different levels of armor protection. In War Thunder, commanders will have the choice to outfit the XM8 AGS with either its basic ‘Level I’ or the heaviest ‘Level III’ armor package. The latter adds additional composite screens onto the vehicle, enhancing its protection at the expense of mobility, while the lighter Level I armor offers less protection but better mobility and access to smoke launchers. As a result, tankers will have the freedom to modify the XM8 AGS to best fit their playstyle, making it a valuable addition to any high tier lineup due to its versatility!

All tankers will have the chance to add the XM8 AGS to their in-game collection by taking part in the upcoming crafting event, starting soon in War Thunder. Stay tuned and good hunting!

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