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You can control many things through your smartphone, even your War Thunder account! The official Assistant for War Thunder mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to keep track of your battle progress and performance. 

Additionally you can control your inventory, manage your squadron, use vehicle info cards and even turn your smartphone or tablet screen into a monitor for a tactical battle map!

Download Assistant for War Thunder on Google Play or the App Store.

In the meantime we will tell you about some of the more interesting features. 

Your profile


For those who have something to strive for, In this menu you can not only monitor your battle progress but also set goals - add a task to your favorites and monitor the progress of its completion.

The Inventory section displays a list of all your boosters and wagers and marks those that are about to expire.

You can also compare your progress with players who are in your friends list in War Thunder or with your squadron mates!

Vehicle comparison


All aircraft, ground vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels at your fingertips! A card showing the main performance characteristics can come in handy even in a battle if you suddenly forget what the enemy you encounter is capable of.

And if you want to select the next vehicle to be researched, there is a feature to compare several vehicles at once.

Tactical map



Useful for everyone! This feature will literally display the mini map of the battlefield on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You just need to connect your device and PC to the same Wi-Fi network and make a simple configuration by following the instructions in the app.

Store items and vehicles


This is the War Thunder item store on your phone. It can be very useful if an interesting vehicle is on sale for a limited time or has a temporary discount, and you find yourself, for example, on the other side of the world.

The assortment includes not only vehicles, but also various boosters, wagers, orders, trophies and premium accounts! The store is available in the Inventory menu.

Your squadron


Track the status of applications and players in your squadron, or manage the squadron from the app if you are a commander. You can edit the rights of players, accept applications and remove players from the squadron.

Push notifications on smartphones will be especially useful for commanders, where you can learn in real time about the activity of the squadron. Changing rank of the members, hiring and firing warriors, approving applications and much more!

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