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Battle Pass vehicles: Centurion Mk.5/1 (RAAC)

An Australian modernisation of the British "Centurion" with reinforced frontal hull protection and a night vision device - the main tank prize for completing the tasks of the "Battle Pass"!

Centurion Mk.5/1 (RAAC), MBT, Britain, rank V Premium


  • Improved frontal hull armour
  • Night vision devices


  • Vulnerability of the side and rear hull

Since 1951, the Royal Australian Armoured Corps has been replenished with Centurion Mk.3 and Mk.5 tanks, arriving both from the United Kingdom and other British-controlled regions. By the end of the 60s, all Centurion tanks were upgraded to the Mk.5/1 modification - among other works, the modernisation involved the installation of new sighting and commander machine guns, as well as the welding of additional armour plates, which were 50.8 mm thick, to the upper front plate of the hull. 

In 1965, Australia announced the introduction of its military contingent into Vietnam. For this mission, Centurion tanks were additionally equipped with night vision devices: a removable IR searchlight appeared on the front of the tower, and the driver’s, gunner's, and commander's sights all received infrared night vision devices. The final standardisation of all available Centurions took place in 1973 after the return of the Australian troops from Vietnam. The Centurion Mk.5/1 was the main battle tank of the Australian Royal Tank Corps until the 1980s, later replaced by Leopard 1 tanks.


In War Thunder, the Centurion Mk.5/1 (RAAC) will be the main prize for completing the tasks of the Steel Centurion event in the Battle Pass series. The Australian modification of the Centurion Mk.3 differs from the basic model due to its significantly increased protection of the upper frontal part of the hull, where an additional 50.8 mm thick armour plate was implemented, its infrared equipment for night battles, and, of course, the Premium status in the game, which significantly increases the profitability of battles. This tank helps research any British armoured vehicles from rank I to VI, including the new South African tanks.

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The excellent Mk.3 APDS shells of this tank's 84 mm cannon are still capable of piercing the armour of almost any enemy. While their armour-piercing effect is not very high, they can easily reach vital units or crew members, and the remarkable flatness of these rounds allows them to be fired from, and travel over, very long distances. Problems can arise only with the "dinosaurs" of the mid-20th century, like the IS-3 or "Mouse", where you’d be better to bypass them from the side or disable their gun with your first shot.


The Centurion Mk.5 / 1 (RAAC) is an excellent medium tank that will become a trump card in the UK rank V armoured vehicle setup. Take part in the "Battle Pass", get rewards for each completed stage, and take your "Steel Centurion" - Centurion Mk.5 / 1 (RAAC) and new South African tanks which are sure to stir up new emotions when playing on British armoured vehicles in all game modes!

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