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HMS Blackpool (F77): Officer Guardian

HMS Blackpool was a British Type 12 frigate, also known as the Whitby-class, built for the Royal Navy at the dawn of the Cold War. Incorporating many of the lessons learned from WWII, this state-of-the-art early Cold War frigate will soon be joining the ranks of the Royal Navy in War Thunder, arriving as part of the next major update!

Briefly: An early Cold War British frigate, designed based on the experiences from WWII and incorporating excellent seagoing characteristics and a large number of torpedoes.

HMS Blackpool, frigate, Britain, rank V.


  • Lots of torpedoes
  • Sizable complement
  • Good mobility


  • Few cannons

Development of the Type 12 frigates, or Whitby-class as they would also become known, began in the early 1950s at the very start of the Cold War. Developed to be fast, ocean-going frigates for convoy escort duties, the Whitby-class featured a novel hull design and incorporated many new features all derived from the experience gained during WWII. Subsequently, the Whitby-class was constructed with a heavy focus on anti-submarine warfare capabilities, thus being able to effectively combat some of the most modern high-speed submarines.

As a result, ships of the class resembled destroyers in their size and, due to their high construction cost, only eight ended up being built by the late 1950s. The Whitbys remained in active service with the Royal Navy up until the 1970s before they were gradually decommissioned as more modern ships began to take their place.

Among the eight Whitby-class frigates built was also HMS Blackpool. Laid down in December 1954 and commissioned in August 1958, HMS Blackpool was the last Whitby-class frigate built for the Royal Navy. For the better part of her service career, HMS Blackpool was stationed around the Suez canal and operated in the Far East until the mid 1960s.

In 1966, HMS Blackpool was leased to the Royal New Zealand Navy and continued operating under the New Zealand flag until 1971. Upon being returned to the Royal Navy, HMS Blackpool was decommissioned and ultimately sold for scrap in 1980.


In War Thunder, HMS Blackpool will be a new frigate joining the top ranks of the British coastal fleet tree with the arrival of the next major update to the game. Highly mobile and armed with a number of different weapon systems, HMS Blackpool is sure to become one of the new favorite vessels among British captains who highly value versatility!

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HMS Blackpool, despite not bristling with guns and other weaponry like the German Köln-class frigates for example, makes up for its lack in sheer quantity of weapons with their potential versatility. Namely, the vessel is equipped with a selection of very diverse weapon systems, ranging from a twin quick-firing 4.5’’ (114 mm) turret on the bow, over a twin 40 mm Bofors turret abaft of the superstructure to 10 x 533 mm torpedo launchers (including two twin-tubed, 12 torpedoes in total) on each side of the hull and even possessing two three-barreled depth charge mortars on the stern!

As a result, HMS Blackpool is unlikely to single-handedly win every engagement against hostile surface targets as its lack of raw firepower simply doesn’t allow it to trade blows with its opponents. On the other hand, when working with several other vessels in concert, the flotilla as a whole may greatly benefit from HMS Blackpool’s extremely versatile arsenal, being able to practically take on any opponent. Be it a battleship, a fast patrol boat or even an aircraft - HMS Blackpool always has the right tools for the job ready to go!

Furthermore, as a frigate, HMS Blackpool should have no trouble keeping up with most of its allies and outrunning some of the more dangerous opponents it may face on the battlefields. Thanks to its steam turbine propulsion system, generating a respectable 30,000 horsepower, HMS Blackpool can reach speeds of 30 kts (56 km/h). This, when coupled with its good agility gives HMS Blackpool very good mobility in general, allowing it to quickly maneuver around the battlefield and come to the aid of its allies on short notice.

However, relying on the ship’s mobility is also something aspiring captains of this machine will absolutely need to do unless they seek to become expensive sea floor decor. Despite having a complement of 231 sailors, HMS Blackpool is only lightly protected, meaning that even smaller attack craft may pose a serious threat to the ship if detected too late!

HMS Blackpool is soon arriving to the top ranks of the British coastal fleet tree with the release of the upcoming War Thunder major update. In the meantime, make sure to keep scanning the horizon for further news as we continue unveiling more exciting new features coming soon to the game as part of the next major update. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting captains!

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