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Type K-8/Class No.13 Kusentei (1942)
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Type K-8/Class No.13 Kusentei (1942), Rank II, Japan, Premium

This vehicle will be the exclusive award in the “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” event.

Type K-8 subchasers are one of the typical Japanese ‘mosquito’ fleet ships of the WWII period. Boats of this class received a reduced length but increased hull width compared to other subchasers from this period. As a result, the boat's displacement increased, which had a positive effect on its seaworthiness. The armament of Type K-8 subchasers was represented by one 76 mm cannon and a pair of 13.2 mm machine guns, as well as depth charges.


Type K-8/Class No.13 Kusentei (1942) is an entry-rank coastal fleet boat. Its later modification, reinforced with 25mm autocannons, is already known to enthusiasts of the Japanese fleet in our game. Like the later modification, the 1942 version of the subchaser stands out for its good survivability - even with an almost complete lack of armor, the large size and large crew allow the ship to withstand a fairly significant number of hits.


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