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E.B.R. (1954)
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E.B.R. (1954)Rank III, France, Premium

This vehicle will be the exclusive award in the “Operation W.I.N.T.E.R.” event.

Before the outbreak of World War II, Panhard created a prototype of an 8x8 army wheeled all-terrain vehicle, with the first and last swivel wheel pairs having rubber tires, the middle pairs were metal and not swivel. The army placed an order for the production of 600 of these vehicles, but the outbreak of the war and the occupation of France did not allow the vehicle to be put into production. They returned to an interesting project after the war - the wheelbase received an oscillating turret with a 75 mm gun, which turned the all-terrain vehicle into a light wheeled tank. Later, the base of this vehicle became the basis for several curious army vehicles. It is interesting that it was the Panhard all-terrain vehicle that served as a carriage for the farewell ceremony for the President of the Fifth Republic, General Charles de Gaulle.


E.B.R. (1954) is a light reconnaissance armored vehicle with the FL.10 turret well known to our players and a 75 mm gun on the Panhard 8x8 all-terrain vehicle chassis. In addition to its completely unique appearance, the vehicle has excellent combat capabilities. The oscillating turret, automatic loader and a good gun make it possible to quickly send round after round. A nice addition to the setup of French mid-range armored vehicles!


The War Thunder Team


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