Battle Pass in War Thunder!

The first season of the “Battle Pass” has started! Get in-game items and unique vehicles just by playing War Thunder!

Not so long ago we talked about the development of a new seasonal event in War Thunder - ‎Battle Pass: 1st Season, 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory. We are pleased to announce that the “Battle Pass” will begin today, the 2nd of December in War Thunder and will continue until February 2021!  

Participate in the new seasonal events and get useful combat items and exclusive decals, titles, decorations, player icons and even premium vehicles!

What is “Battle Pass”?


Every season of Battle Pass introduces new and exclusive prizes. Here are some examples of the rewards you can receive in the first season:


Matilda Hedgehog (Britain)


ORP Garland (H37) (Britain)


F2G-1 Super Corsair (USA)



The unique Australian modification of the British Matilda tank used to storm enemy positions in the Pacific Theatre. An anti-submarine bomb launcher (!) with 7 HESH bombs has been mounted near the tank engine and transmission module.  

This destroyer built in the middle of the 1930’s saw service in the Mediterranean, the Northern Convoys and even in Africa. During the war it served in the Polish Navy, was seriously damaged several times but not destroyed! 

A version of the legendary carrier aircraft with an incredibly powerful 3000 hp engine. One of the versions was the “Super Corsair” that was created to become an effective means of dealing with Japanese kamikaze aircraft. 

An improved modification of the latest soviet serial heavy T-10 tank. This armoured giant was equipped with a gun stabiliser and a night vision device.

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