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Fleet research changes and the first battleships!


In the War Thunder “New Power” update, we are dividing warships from all playable nations into two separate tech trees with traditional vertical research - blue-water(larger ships) and coastal fleets(smaller vessels). Torpedo boats, gunboats, and frigates will be upgraded in their own tree, while enthusiasts of larger ship classes will be able to start research immediately from reserve destroyers to heavier ship classes. In this case, ships of all classes will still meet together in battles, the ships you have already researched will not need to be researched again, and the crews will be able to master any types of ships without restrictions.

The division in the fleet tech trees requires changes in the cost of researching, buying and repairing ships from different classes. For details on these changes, see this table. Please note that the maximum reward multiplier in Silver Lions for the blue-water fleet has been increased from 150 to 280% in AB and to 360% in RB.


Due to the rearrangement for the majority of destroyers by ranks I and II, and the reduction of the multipliers of rewards for linear units to a level corresponding to their rank, we are forced to remove from sale all premium vehicles of this class, while maintaining their current economic parameters. In the next updates, we will be adding new premium destroyers and cruisers for ranks I-III, but with new, more relevant prices. These new vehicles will allow you to quickly reach the top battleships and cruisers, and in the New Power update we are already planning to add 6 initial premium rank I destroyers and two destroyers of rank II-III.

Destroyers that will be removed from sale:
  • Type 1939 (T31) - Germany, rank III, BR 3.7, 5040 GE, 284% RP
  • Z20 Karl Galster - Germany, Rank III, BR 4.3, 6090 GE, 308% RP
  • Project 7U Stroiny - USSR, III rank, BR 4.3, 6090 GE, 308% RP
  • Project 41 Nesstrashniy - USSR, Rank III, BR 4.7, 7080 GE, 332% RP
  • Geniere - Italy, Rank III, BR 4.3, as part of a pack, 332% RP
Destroyers that will be added for sale:
  • USS Welborn (DD-195) - USA, rank I, BR 3.3, 250 GE, 150% RP
  • USS Moffett (DD-362) - USA, Rank III, BR 5.0, 1300 GE, 272% RP
  • 1924 Iltis  - Germany, rank I, BR 3.7, 250 GE, 150% RP
  • Kerch - USSR, rank I, 250 GE, 150% RP
  • Montgomery (G95) - Britain, I rank, BR 3.3, 250 GE, 150% RP
  • Class J (leader) - Britain, Rank II, BR 4.0, 1000 GE, 248% RP
  • IJN Satsuki - Japan, rank I, BR 3.3, 250 GE, 150% RP
  • Aquilone - Italy, rank I, BR 3.3, 250 GE, 150% RP

Premium destroyers available for purchase on the Market will be hidden in the research trees for players that haven’t purchased them. But you can still find them on the Market with a search.

The changes will also affect squadron vehicles: The Project 35 will be moved to rank V in the USSR coastal fleet tree with an increase in research cost to 520,000 squadron experience and a maximum purchase price of 5,600 GE; The IJN Shimakaze will remain at rank III with the same squadron RP and Golden Eagles cost.

In the War Thunder “New Power” update, we are presenting the first battleships and battlecruisers! These are giant, heavily armored ships with large-calibre guns. Most of those added currently were built at the very beginning of the 20th century; it was these war beasts  that represented the main force at sea until the beginning of World War II. Read our devblogs, where we will tell you about some of the battleships from the upcoming update War Thunder: “New Power” very soon!

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