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Crafting Event “Strategist”: Bereznyak-Isayev

The BI was an experimental Soviet rocket-powered aircraft, designed during WWII and envisioned to become a short-range defensive interceptor. Pilots in War Thunder will have the chance to further harness the power of rocket-propelled flight by obtaining the BI as one of the top prizes for participating in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist”!

BI, jet fighter, USSR, V rank. 


  • Outstanding climb rate


  • Low fuel
  • Insufficient fire power

In the early 1940’s, the OKB-293 aircraft design bureau began working on a new rocket-propelled aircraft design. The aircraft promised excellent performance figures, although at the expense of range due to the limitations of rocket engines at the time. After the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the design was seen as a potential short-range interceptor design to protect vital Soviet land installations from air raids. Thus, the project was approved for further development work and testing.

Development of the aircraft continued, with several prototypes being made and test flown. However, rapid advancements in aviation technology, especially the appearance of the jet engine, during the war outpaced the development of the BI. Therefore, the aircraft never left the prototype stage and didn’t take part in active combat. Instead the aircraft’s development served more as a testbed for Soviet rocket propulsion research, with the insights gained being later used for other projects during the Cold War.


The BI is a high rank Soviet rocket-powered interceptor and one of the more exotic prizes for the upcoming crafting event “Strategist” in War Thunder. Giving Soviet pilots the chance to also experience rocket-propelled flight, the BI functions on the same principles as the Me 163 and Ki-200 already familiar to many pilots. The aircraft’s rocket propulsion allows it to get into the action fast, thanks to high acceleration, top speed and climb rate, but at the same time, prevents it from lingering in combat for too long due to its limited fuel supply of just 2 minutes with WEP mode. As a result, the BI requires clever fuel management to extend its combat endurance.

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Further emphasizing the BI’s “hit-’n’-run” nature are its weapons. Namely, the BI is armed with a punchy pair of 20mm ShVAK cannons, although only carrying 45 rounds of ammunition each. This means that pilots will need to make the most out of the limited combat time they have available to ensure no bullet goes to waste!

Be sure to add this highly unusual and unique aircraft to your in-game collection by taking part in the upcoming War Thunder crafting event. Good hunting pilots!

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