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Crafting event “Strategist”: Sd.Kfz.251/10

The Sd.Kfz.251/10 was a later variant of the well-known and widely used German WWII halftrack, equipped with a 3.7cm anti-tank cannon for increased firepower. Tankers will have the chance to add this special version of the Sd.Kfz.251 to their in-game arsenal by taking part in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist” in War Thunder!

Sd.Kfz.251/10, SPG, Germany, I rank. Premium.


  • Rapid fire universal gun


  • Low protection

Developed on the basis of the unarmored Sd.Kfz.11 halftrack, the Sd.Kfz.251 entered service with the Wehrmacht in 1939 and was intended as the primary transportation vehicle for the Panzergrenadier units of the German army. As such, the vehicle was intended to taxi troops into battle and protect them from small arms fire and shrapnel. By the end of the war, over 15,000 units of the Sd.Kfz.251 were built.

However, platoon leader vehicles received a special upgrade to their firepower in order to increase the effectiveness of fire support provided for advancing infantry. Namely, the standard machine gun mount was replaced by a turret housing a 3.7cm PaK anti-tank cannon. These versions, designated Sd.Kfz. 251/10, served with the Wehrmacht until 1944, by which time over 300 units were built.


The Sd.Kfz.251/10 will be one of the prizes awaiting tankers who take part in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist”, starting soon in War Thunder. This infantry support version of the widely used German halftrack will mostly be seen in lower rank battles, where its decent mobility and quick-firing 37 mm anti-tank cannon are sure to cause some damage to the enemy lines.

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However, while the Sd.Kfz.251/10 is well-protected against small arms fire and sharpnel with up to 14.5 mm of armor plating, it still remains vulnerable against dedicated anti-tank cannons as well as artillery fire and aircraft due to its open fighting compartment. Circumventing these drawbacks by simply changing positions frequently however will be more than enough to turn a seemingly harmless APC into a deadly low rank tank destroyer with some nifty premium bonuses!

Be sure to add the Sd.Kfz.251/10 to your collection of German armored fighting vehicles in War Thunder by taking part in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist”. Stay tuned to find out more and good hunting tankers!

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