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28 June 2014

War Thunder Guinness Record - 300+ unique aircraft!

We are happy to announce a weekend special to celebrate War Thunder's  Guinness World Record:

From 12:00 GMT June 27th to 02:00 GMT June 30th
+30% RP gain bonus for EACH battle with EVERY ground and air vehicle!

It’s official now! No other game in the world can lay claim that they feature more aircraft in a simulation game than War Thunder, which set a Guinness World Record  by offering 303 unique aircraft earlier this year. By the time of E3 2014, Gaijin Entertainment actually upped its total from 303 to 345 planes and announced that more will be rolling off the development assembly line in each major update. Enjoy the beautiful infographics below and learn more about the upcoming aircraft in War Thunder here, here and here.


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