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Future of the Soviet aviation in War Thunder
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Pilots and tankers!

For the next part of our sneak peek at incoming reinforcements for development in War Thunder, here is our current vision to further enhance the national trees of air vehicles in the game. We will be highlighting the most noteworthy models not yet introduced and today we present to you our vision (not final) for Soviet aircraft.

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The Yak-30 was the first swept wing jet fighter designed by the Yakovlev OKB. Unlike its predecessor the Yak-25 it possessed high speed, especially above 5500 meters and decent manoeuvrability. The new fighter also received a set of three light, quick-firing NR-23 cannons more suitable to destroy escort jets than heavy bombers.

Yak-30 did not reach mass production. At the end of 1940-s all three major Soviet design bureaus (Mikoyan-and-Gurevich, Lavochkin and Yakovlev) presented their own single-engined jet fighters. Even though the Soviet war industry could not produce so many different models, the designers’ competitiveness set up an immensely high level of quality for this class of military vehicles.


The IL-28 and its predecessor, the IL-22 were the first heavy planes to receive turbojet engines of Soviet domestic manufacture. The VK-1 model was based on the Rolls-Royce Nene engine, received by the USSR from Britain under an obligation not to use it for military purposes.

Another noticeable feature was the innovative system of defensive armament. Soviet engineers decided that just one very flexible twin-cannon turret mounted in the tail was enough to protect the entire rear hemisphere, considering the necessary defensive manoeuvres were performed by the pilot.


The MBR-2 was a Soviet flying boat created in the early 1930’s by G.Beriev. A total of more than 1300 MBR-2’s were produced. By the beginning of the World War II the aircraft was already obsolete with only 300 kg of bomb load and 2 MGs for defense. However the Soviet command had to use the MBR-2 as a reconnaisance aircraft and light bomber during the entire war, even despite the heavy losses.



Stay tuned for the German aircraft tree update on Friday!

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