Happy Bastille Day!
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We celebrate along with our French players and wish them a very happy Bastille Day, a national holiday in France, considered also as the French Independence Day!

Prisoners of the Bastille, an ancient fortress prison, were set free by freedom fighters in 1789. Thus the French Revolution began, proclaiming the people of France free from monarchy and tyranny.

From July 14th (11:00 GMT) until July 17th (07:00 GMT)

fight 3 battles in French combat vehicles (rank II and above, with an activity of 60% and above) to receive special decal: Bastille Day.

Bastille Day Decal
Bastille Day Decal

Terms and conditions

  • The task can be completed in random battles, except ‘Enduring Confrontation’ and ‘Assault’ gaming modes.
  • Check your progress by clicking your Nickname →  Achievements → Bastille Day.

The War Thunder Team


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