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New authentic decals (25.06-06.08)

A new set of rare decals for your combat vehicles is here!

Find new decals, as well as decals from past years for all the gaming nations of War Thunder!

Complete the relevant tasks before the 6th of August to add these decals to your collection!

These decals are available until August 6th:

"Panther" emblem of the 155th Fighter-Bomber Group of Italian Air force, Treviso-Istrana, 1983

200 Golden Eagles

"Boxing Bee" emblem of the Air force of the Northern fleet of the Russian Federation

Defeat 40 players while controlling Soviet helicopters, or purchase for 200 Golden Eagles

Emblem of the "Göta" Life Guards Swedish Army

Capture points 25 times, while controlling Swedish ground vehicles

Emblem of the Penghu Defense Command, ROCA

Score 2000 points in battles 6 times while controlling Chinese ground vehicles.

The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu.

  • Tasks can be completed in vehicles of rank II-VII.
  • The requirements for the decals may be checked in the “Weeks latest” section in the vehicle customization or in the Achievements → Decals → Weeks latest.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles and events, except “Enduring Confrontation” and “Assault” missions.
  • Decals received earlier were temporarily moved to the section “Weeks latest” and will be moved later to the thematic sections

Previous decals - have been moved to their respective sections:

  • Emblem of the 3rd tank battalion, Japan → Japan (tanks)
  • Emblem "Willig" of the 506th Schwere Panzer-Abteilung, Germany  → Germany (tanks)
  • Coat of Arms of the Norrbotten Air Force Wing F 21, SAF, 1976 → Sweden.
  • "Lion" emblem of the 269th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, ROCA → China (tanks).
  • Emblem of the 8th Self-propelled Artillery Brigade, USSR → USSR (tanks).
  • “Skull” emblem  → Italy.
  • Emblem of the 32nd Armor Regiment → USA (tanks)
  • Emblem of the 315th Polish Fighter Squadron, RAF→ Great Briain.
  • "Attacking Bird" emblem, Flottille 17F, French Aeronavale, 1979  → France.
"Old Crow" emblem, 427th BS, 303rd BG, USAAF

Drop 30 tons of TNT bombs on ground bases while controlling American aircraft, or purchase for 200 GE.

"Swordfish" emblem of the 3rd S-Boote flotilla of Kriegsmarine

Inflict 75000 damage to ships while controlling German ships, or purchase for 200 GE

12e régiment de cuirassiers insignia, France

Score 2000 points in battles 6 times while controlling French ground vehicles.

Emblem of 9th Armoured Division, Great Britain

Defeat 60 players (30 in RB and SB) while controlling British ground forces, or purchase for 200 GE

29th Sentai, 2nd Chutai Tail Marking, IJAAF

Score 1st place in the team in 5 battles while controlling Japanese aircraft, or purchase for 200 GE

You can find these decals in the “Weeks latest” section in the customization tab, after which they will be available for their owners in the thematic sections of vehicle customization.

Some decals are made by Colin 'Fenris' Muir, Riccardo 'BlueBeta' Lo Verso and  Jej 'CharlieFoxtrot' Ortiz.

The War Thunder Team


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