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World War: The second season is coming!

Hello, we are preparing to launch the new season of World War mode and it will not be limited to only new scenarios. Now you will be able to fight with only fully researched vehicles, commanders will be rewarded and missions will be more diverse, including through new armies and their game mechanics. Let’s talk about the major novelties of the “Attack from the Sea” season.

Maximum Combat Capability

For players, one of the difficulties in World War mode was the need to have a lot of vehicles for different battles. In a case of not having them in crew slots, players would receive vehicles in stock condition (without researched modifications). This often led to the loss of valuable vehicles in the hands of an inexperienced player.

Here you have your researched tank, aircraft or ship!

Now, before a battle, you will receive vehicles with all researched modifications even if the nation for which you are playing currently in WWM hasn’t been researched by you.

So now we not only exclude the unpleasant situations with the loss of rare supplied vehicles but we also simplify participation in World War mode for players who haven’t researched all in-game nations.

Vehicle groups

By opening the way to World War mode for all in-game nations, we haven’t forgotten about the abundance of different vehicles in each of them. Now the armies will not be represented by specific vehicle models, but as groups which have a number and “virtual composition” - a choice of several vehicle models which can be used in the battle.

The new mechanics will allow us to attract a lot of rare vehicles for participation in World War scenarios, including premium and event vehicles.

And this is how it will work! In the preparation time for a battle, you will be able to choose one of the vehicles from each group represented in the army. Selected vehicles will be given out with fully researched modifications, suspended weaponry and even additional crew slots if there are many groups in the army.

Players who don’t have vehicles researched (in any particular nation) will also receive vehicles with fully researched modifications from each group without the option of choosing them.

In the new World War mode season you are 100% combat capable!

[ Battle Respawn Rules ]

New armies

Fleets have entered World War mode, but the help they provide will not be limited to battles purely at sea - they can do much more!

Landing armies

Landing armies are able to take any ground army off and move it to the right place. A very useful army is, of course, vulnerable to attack and by losing it you will lose all the vehicles transported by it, but the risk is justified by the ability to unexpectedly bypass enemy armies!

Marine squadrons

More classic boat, destroyer and cruiser squadrons will help you to gain superiority at sea. The cruiser squadron is able to carry out artillery bombardment of the coast, remaining inaccessible to retaliatory fire from ground armies.

Coastal artillery

Coastal artillery is a static army but it isn’t any less dangerous. It can cause huge damage to any ship and will be an important target in the operation. 

Use your tactical skills to make your armies work as a cohesive mechanism!

New missions

With the advent of new armies, the variety of possible missions in which you will be able to fight in World War mode will significantly expand.

Naval convoy with attacks on landing ships, air defense of coastal artillery, daring boat raids against heavy cruisers - give the order to the members of your squadron and believe in their skill for victory!

[ Variants of missions ]

Awards for commanders

Commanders, your contribution to victory is more than noticeable! Now you will be able to compete for valuable awards by showing your activity and efficiency in the management of armies.

For each action in the operation you will receive 1 activity point (not more than once per minute) and at the end of the operation your squadron will be assigned a rating that will be distributed in proportion of the earned activity points between all the commanders of your squadron:


Winning side


Losing side


For victory in each battle


For defeat in each battle

Received ratings will be recorded in a separate commander’s record table sheet for the season, and in the season result, the best commanders will be generously awarded.

We advise you to optimize the command structure of your squadron so that each individual commander will be able to receive more than a well-deserved rating!

Other important changes

We will also rework the markers in battles and make many other improvements!

Full list of changes:

  • Fleets in World War mode are represented in the RB game mode with vehicle markers, arcade speed, and controllability multipliers with arcade torpedo speed.
  • New mechanics in the game - landing armies and artillery fire from cruiser squadrons.
  • Ground vehicle markers in the battles have been changed - markers of detected enemies have been reduced in size and raised higher. Mission targets are now marked with a special new marker.
  • New AI units - landing boats of the Daihatsu class, G-5 class landing boats, 37 mm anti-tank Type 1 cannon, Isuzu Type 94 auto transport.
  • A new system for allocating vehicles in the battles - vehicle groups. Now, each army not only contains specific vehicle units, but in addition - vehicle groups. In preparation on the battle window in World War mode, a player will have additional temporary crew slots (without researched skills) if there are more vehicle groups than their own hanger crew slots. A player can set up only one vehicle from the group in a crew slot - a proposed one or of his choice if this vehicle has been researched and purchased by the player. In battle, players will always get vehicles with all researched modifications and with all available weapons.
  • The mechanics of equipping aircraft armies at airfields has been changed. Now, the commander doesn’t need to choose suspended weaponry. For fighters which have rocket-bomb suspended weaponry, you need to choose a role in the army (fighter/attacker). For example, a fighter can effectively intercept enemy bombers and an attacker can attack ground and naval armies.
  • A new award system for all players, which is based on the performance of specific tasks and not on the record table sheet, has been implemented.
  • A new award system for squadron commanders has been implemented. For each action in the operation, each commander receives 1 activity point (but not more than once in a 60 second period), and in the operation results, the squadron receives a rating (200 for victory in an operation, 40 for defeat in an operation, 5 for victory in each battle, 1 for defeat in each battle) which will be distributed proportionally amongst all commanders who have shown activity in the operation.
  • Victory probability has been added to the automatic battle description.
  • Mechanics for technical defeats have been added - if the commanders of one of the parties are not active (don’t control any armies) for 20 minutes, their squadron will receive a technical defeat.
  • Now, in order to participate in World War mode, you will need to have 20 squadron members that have reached at least rank III for one nation, and no longer just 20 members (as before). The maximum rank of the vehicles for each player in your squadron can be viewed on the squadron page in the “World War” tab.
  • We have added special reloading/recharging zones to the convoy missions (ground and naval), defense, air defense.
  • We have removed the capture point from air defense missions and have added a reloading/recharging zone instead.
  • Anti-tank cannons will now take into account obstacles, including trees and bushes, when searching for targets.
  • A bug where, in some cases, players didn’t receive a rating based on the results of battles, has been fixed.
  • A bug where ground armies were able to get into the battle through impassable obstacles, for example a river, has been fixed.

The War Thunder Team


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