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How can you get premium vehicles? Warbonds!

We present to you a festive assortment of Warbond shop items for December. Fulfill Battle Tasks, earn Warbonds, improve your shop level and unlock rewards!

Battle Tasks will be available to you after reaching and purchasing a 3rd rank vehicle in any nation in-game. You can read more about battle tasks and war bonds in our devblog and on War Thunder wiki.

This assortment will be available until the 31st of December!

🔸 The detailed list of the Warbond items in the shop this month:

  • Hudson Mk.V (Britain)
  • T-34-747(r)
  • IAR-81C
  • Bf 109E-7 (Japan)
  • T14
  • T-35

🔸 Emblem of SPA 161 "Sphinx" Squadron, FAF. Decal by Colin 'Fenris' Muir
🔸 Battle trophy (vehicle test drive): Cromwell Mk.V (RP-3), Leopard A1A1 (L/44), J2M5, T54E1, SU-122P.
🔸 Supply box with boosters for 50%, 150%, 300%, 500%, 700% RP and SL for one battle.
🔸 3d decorations (camouflage).
🔸 3d decorations (road sign).
🔸 “Order” trophy.
🔸Trophies “Avatar for tankers”.
🔸Trophy “Vehicles”III: CR.32 bis, XF5F, DB-7, Bf 109E-7/U2, SU-76M (5th Gv.Kav.Corps).
🔸 Medium and big sets of universal back-up vehicles. A player can activate this item to backup any one vehicle of their choice.

Emblem of SPA 161 "Sphinx" Squadron, FAF

Hudson Mk.V (Britain)


The British Hudson Mk V is a twin engine bomber based on the civilian Lockheed Super Electra. A well known and respected passenger aircraft became a no less recognizable light bomber, known in the European World War II theater as the Hudson. The Hudson also enrolled in history as the first Allied aircraft operating from the British Isles credited with shooting down a German aircraft during the opening stages of World War II.



The legendary T-34 was used by many nations worldwide over its service lifespan, but a lesser known operator was in fact its main opponent at the time of the Second World War. The German armed forces captured several examples of the T-34, carefully reviewing them in their entirety and even re-using them against their previous owners! This version is armed with the reliable 75mm F-34 cannon and adds a unique boost to your lineup in combined battles alongside its Panzer counterparts .

Where can you find Warbonds??

Click on the 'Daily Tasks' icon from the War Thunder in-game hangar.



On the menu that opens, click on the 'Warbond Shop' icon in the bottom right corner.



You can now view the range of Warbonds available by clicking on on the various icons.
Purchases can be made with the 'Purchase' icon in the bottom right corner.


Battle tasks: These individual tasks bring variety to your gameplay and prevent situations where all the players in a battle try to complete one specific task, effectively ignoring mission objectives that are needed for a victory. They are available for players that have reached the 3rd rank of any nation. On completion, players will receive Silver Lions, and Warbonds - a special in-game currency with their own specific shop, where you can purchase many different items.

The War Thunder Team

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