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J6B Jaktfalken II: falcon from the north

As you may already know, a full Swedish aviation tech tree is coming with War Thunder major update 1.95 "Northern wind". Swedish aircraft will gradually be added to the game during a beta test period, and players who have purchased early access packs will get the chance to research all the Swedish aircraft as soon as the update is released.

J6B Jaktfalken II, fighter, “reserve”. Sweden, rank I 


  • Great handling characteristics
  • Large choice of machine gun ammo belts


  •  Average speed near the ground
  • Weak armament

Researching any game nation in War Thunder begins with its reserves, and that’s why we’ve chosen this aircraft as today’s guest: the pre-war J6B Jaktfalken II (“gyrfalcon”) biplane fighter from Svenska Aero AB. This aircraft’s story began in 1930, when Swedish company Svenska Aero AB released the J5 Jaktfalken fighter. The J5 was adequate, but nothing special compared to the foreign models being released in Sweden under license. The one thing the world’s air forces truly lacked was training aircraft. Svenska Aero AB rushed to modify the J5 and converted it to a training fighter. The prototype was given the in-house designation SA14 but in the Swedish Air Force it was named the J6 Jaktfalken I, and it entered testing in 1930. A total of seven aircraft were built and joined the F5 lineup.

In the summer of 1931, the Swedish Air Force approved the production of three more Jaktfalken I fighter aircraft. The new vehicles were completely reworked in comparison to the previous model. They were produced in 1932 and put into service under the designation J6A.

The J6B appeared a little later, when the Swedish government ordered seven more aircraft. These in turn also underwent a lot of improvements. The new series was put into service in Sweden in 1935, and all the aircraft were retired by 1941.

The Svenska Aero J6B Jaktfalken II is a classic biplane fighter of the pre-war period. The aircraft was partially covered with metal and fabric. The cockpit was open and the powertrain was a British radial 500 hp Bristol Jupiter engine. The J6B is armed with a pair of 8mm Swedish-made machine guns – a licensed copy of the Browning M1919 with a new calibre. Due to its less-than-impressive engine, the J6B’s speed near the ground is fair to average, however it manoeuvres well even at low speeds.

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Fun fact: a couple of J6Bs were supplied to the Finnish Air Force, and those aircraft were used as training vehicles right up to 1945.

The J6B is a good in-game starter aircraft for players of Sweden. It’s a good choice for playing in lower ranked “sandbox” matches, allowing players to earn their first victories and Silver Lions for researching new starter-rank aircraft. The J6B’s level flight speed is relatively low, so it’s best to gain altitude away from major dogfights. It sports two guns in total, but the pilot has a wide choice of ammunition including incendiary, armour-piercing, and tracer rounds.

Players will find that Swedish aircraft will prove their worth as interesting and unique war machines. Stay tuned to our Developers’ Blog articles to find out more about the cool new additions coming to War Thunder in major update 1.95 "Northern wind". See you there!

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