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Easy Anti-Cheat in War Thunder!

Greetings, soldiers! We’re pleased to inform you that we have finally setup Easy Anti Cheat into major gaming modes for all players, we’re now ready to roll it out in one of the upcoming updates. It is an important step to integrate the Easy Anti Cheat system in our game.

The setup process will be done sequentially, and as for this current stage, we will start with EAC implementation in modes which have no markers, as well as tournaments, both being areas where EAC’s help is needed most. The statistics collected afterwards will help us to further improve EAC in future integrations, allowing us to progress to other game modes where prohibited modifications provide fewer advantages.

Enable EAC in advance

We have provided Easy Anti-Cheat for ‘no marker’ modes and tournaments , exactly where it’s help matters more. EAC asks your permission to run when you are entering such battles for the first time. 

To avoid re-loading the War Thunder game client, make sure to check the box in the game launcher, you are free to do it any time. That’s all, EAC is on, and you are allowed to play all battle modes! 

Double protection

The proven heuristic analysis mechanism continues its active duty in War Thunder.  It allows us to effectively spot players with forbidden modifications. Also, you are free to address a direct complaint on any suspicious players via our Replay system.  

We will continue to master the EAC algorithms in War Thunder to guarantee safe and enjoyable gameplay for you. Thank you for your support!


Does EAC affect a platform’s performance?

No, EAC requires minimal load of your system’s performance abilities, and you won’t notice any changes in performance.

I’m afraid EAC will ban me for sound mods, or team voice chat overlay.

Don’t worry, EAC protects only the core data of the game and doesn’t deal with sound mods. Also, all popular team communication applications are whitelisted in the EAC algorithms. 

If you have any issues, please contact the EAC support service.

Are there any issues with EAC and anti-virus software?

Nope, EAC works well with the majority of antiviruses

EAC is not effective, it can’t protect against anything!

Dozens of super popular gaming projects trust in EAC’s capabilities, so does the War Thunder team. Interestingly, most of these games do not have their own protection system, unlike War Thunder. Also, we continue to use EAC in other games, like Crossout and Cuisine Royale - everything is currently okay!

EAC reports an issue.

Try these solutions:

  1. Add EAC to the anti-malware exceptions;
  2. Re-check the EAC checkbox in War Thunder, reload the client,and run EAC again.
  3. Please report any problems to us.

The War Thunder Team


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