13 September 2019

Battle of Britain

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1940. The Luftwaffe has been pounding merchant fleets and the industrial infrastructure of Great Britain for three months. The Royal Air Force is exhausted, but still manages to push the enemy back enough to dissuade them from preparing a coastal landing.

On September 15th, 1940, the German air force began a massive attack on London. More than 1500 aircraft took part in that attack. British pilots managed to repel this enormous strike, making ground landing operations impossible for Germany. Since that day, this huge operation has been known as “The Battle of Britain”

The event begins on September 13th (15:00 GMT) till September 16th (07:00 GMT) — The Battle of Britain


  • Events available in Arcade, Realistic and Simulator battles.
  • Events feature 30% research and Silver Lions bonus


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