Tankers’ Day: celebrate with us!

Armoured Forces are well equipped to fight in varying conditions and are often the first to penetrate an enemy’s defences, but behind those plates of armour, including those that are modern and advanced, are teams of brave crew. As a national tradition and on each second Sunday in September, we celebrate the service of those brave tankers! And so, here’s to them!

From the 6th of September (15:00 GMT) until the 9th of September (9:00 GMT)

Participate in the Tankers’ Day celebration with special events and random battles, and become the owner of the decal and decorations!

Random Battles Prize:

Specials Event Prizes:

Decal “Soviet Army roundel 1918-1943” (Decals, USSR)

For 5 victories with a battle activity of 60% or more  in random battles, while controlling Soviet ground vehicles of Rank III and above.

"Headset" Decoration

Win one by achieving 5 victories in tank special events.

"Star" Decoration

Win one by achieving 5 victories in tank special events.

Special conditions of the events:

  • Only vehicles with a BR of 8.0 - 9.3 can participate.
  • There are 3 respawns available in AB and RB. Aircraft events and respawn scores are disabled.
  • The sessions will match players as 8v8 with others of similar battle ratings.
  • The events are taking place on the following locations: Abandoned Factory, Poland, Eastern Europe, Ash River, Karelia, Kuban, Normandy, Crossing over the Rhine, Stalingrad and Middle East.
  • You can receive both 3d decorations by winning 5 times in both events.

As an addition, the KV-2 ZiS is available for purchase with Golden Eagles until 09:00 GMT on the 9th of September.


KV-2 (ZiS-6) (USSR)

The War Thunder Team


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