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EasyAntiCheat comes to War Thunder

In update 1.91 we will make another important step to protect fair play with the integration into  War Thunder of additional mechanics against unauthorized modifications in the game.

We have already been working for a long time with the EasyAntiCheat team and using their protection system in our projects like Crossout and Cuisine Royale. EAC is able to effectively filter out potentially dishonest players as early as the game's startup phase.

Currently in War Thunder, we use our own development, based on user complaints and replay capabilities, as well as a variety of heuristic algorithms that analyze the behavior of each player which are able to detect a player who has information that cannot be obtained in a fair way.

In update 1.91 we plan to combine the efforts of these protection systems, each of which will help us to effectively filter out and fight against prohibited modifications in War Thunder. EAC will simply not allow entry into a game when it detects prohibited modifications added by the player and the current system will further protect fair players from cheat users in battles.

With the release of the update 1.91 War Thunder will require the installation of the EasyAntiCheat system to run the game. To do this you only need to specify a directory in the automatically launched installer by having administrator rights. 

Game performance will not be affected.

Together with the new protection system, and the current system of heuristics and that procedure, well known to you “report mechanics” will continue to operate, which can be used by any player. 

Fair play to all!

The War Thunder Team


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