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Xbox account email linking

Dear Xbox players! Today, we’re happy to present to you the option to link your War Thunder account by email. This will allow you to play the PC version of the game whilst keeping all your progress, purchase Golden Eagles in the Gaijin Store, and access the forums, support website and War Thunder Live portal with ease.

Step by step instructions are as follows

  • Launch War Thunder on your Xbox One.
  • Once in the hangar, click on your nickname in the top left to open the profile screen.
  • In your profile, click the “E-mail bind” button which is positioned in the bottom left.
  • Enter your email address in the window that opens.
    • Note: this should be any valid email address you have access to. You can’t use an email that is already registered with Gaijin.net (with the PC version of War Thunder, or our other games). If the window states that a particular email is already bound, but you don’t remember what it was, contact Gaijin support and be prepared to confirm your ownership of the account (with purchase receipts, etc).
  • A message will be sent to the email address you entered. You will have to click on a link in that message in order to finish registering and subsequently set up a password. Note: until this is done, you can enter a different email in the linking window on the console, so if you entered the wrong address and cannot confirm it, you may start over.

Once you’re finished, you can immediately use that email and password to login on to the Linux, Mac and PC versions of War Thunder, and also our official website and forums, Gaijin Store, technical support and the War Thunder Live portal.

When logging in on PC, you will retain all your game progress from the Xbox One version. You may also purchase Golden Eagles in the Gaijin Store where you will keep them when logging back again into the Xbox One version. Note: you can’t access the vehicle packs section, purchase Gaijin Coins or access the Gaijin Market with an Xbox linked account.

Additional information

  • You cannot change your nickname when playing on PC - you can only change your gamertag on Xbox and login to the game on the console first. After that it will be updated in the PC version as well. 
  • You may unlink your account by logging a ticket with Gaijin support, but keep in mind, you will not be able to bind the email address again after this.
  • Account linking only works one way, from Xbox One to PC. You cannot transfer your existing PC progress to Xbox One.
  • You can use your bound email to play PC versions of Crossout and Cuisine Royale, but there is no transfer of game progress from Xbox One versions of those titles since they are not cross-platform capable. You will therefore have to start from scratch.

The War Thunder Team


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