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Premium Vehicles - AH-1S “Kisarazu”


Rotary winged hunters in general have caused reason for tankers to raise their eyes above the commander’s tower. Accordingly, helicopters are well-deserving of review by our War Thunder Wiki team.


The AH-1S “Kisarazu” — similar to that of the “American” Cobra and placed in the premium tree of the Japanese helicopters. It looks exactly as what many might consider all Japanese vehicles should look like - insanely bright! But don’t be deceived, behind the cute camouflage hides a 20 mm turret and a real nightmare for all tankers - 8 TOW ATGMs. You might consider it "kawaii", but with a capacity for destructive-success! 


The War Thunder Wiki is always expanding and we hope you enjoy this video from the War Thunder Wiki Youtube Channel!

The Kit Includes:
  • AH-1S Cobra (Rank 5 Japan);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • "Wakana Kisarazu" camouflage;
  • Three-color camouflage;
  • Unique pilot model;

The War Thunder Team

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